Hibiscus Tea: The Best Beverage?

A landmark investigation of the Antioxidant Content of 3,139 Foods put all previous rankings to shame. That’s where I got the data to create my videos Best Berries, which compares hundreds of berries to common fruits, and Better Than Goji Berries, which highlights the dried fruit most packed with anti-aging, anti-cancer antioxidants. Antioxidants in a Pinch and A Better Breakfast can help one visualize the effects of adding just tiny amounts of antioxidant-packed foods to our daily diets.

The international team of researchers also compared hundreds of different beverages. They tested everything from Red Bull to crowberry liqueur. I could never imagine any beverage more antioxidant-packed than matcha, which is a drink made out of powdered green tea leaves (so you’re actually eating green tea). But as I showed in Better Than Green Tea?, matcha may have met its match.

Hibiscus tea, made from the dried petals of hibiscus flowers, topped the rankings. It’s known as flor de Jamaica in Mexico, sorrel in the Caribbean, and roselle in many parts of the world. It’s what gives the “zing” to red zinger tea.

My family’s recipe is to soak a handful of bulk dried organic hibiscus flowers overnight and then blend with a knuckle of fresh ginger, a teaspoon of amla, three tablespoons of erythritol, and a handful of fresh mint leaves to make the half-gallon we drink throughout the day. By blending in the mint, you’re adding dark green leafies to what may be the highest antioxidant beverage in the world, and it tastes like fruit punch! Your kids will love it.

Just because something has antioxidant power in the test tube, though, doesn’t mean it has antioxidant flower power in the body. Maybe the phytonutrients aren’t even absorbed. A human investigation of hibiscus tea has finally been published, though.

If you take people and have them drink only water for 10 hours the antioxidant level of their bloodstream drops throughout the day. The antioxidants we’ve accumulated eating healthy foods get slowly used up throughout the day fighting off all those free radicals unless we replenish our antioxidant stores. For a primer on the fluctuating levels of oxidant stress, see Antioxidant Level Dynamics.

It’s hard to get people to fast for 10 hours, though. So, in addition to water, researchers gave the study subjects something they knew wouldn’t mess up their antioxidant measurements: white bread and cheese. What if at the beginning of the experiment you instead gave people a single cup of hibiscus tea? As you can see if you watch the above short video, within an hour there’s a nice spike in the antioxidant level in the blood stream. The effect disappears, however, unless you sip hibiscus throughout the day (or eat something other than Wonderbread cheese sandwiches).

Where are antioxidants concentrated the most? Whole plant foods. See the remarkable contrast in Antioxidant Power of Plant Foods Versus Animal Foods.

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Michael Greger, M.D.

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Jeramie D
Jeramie D5 months ago

I am going to make that tea and drink it all day. Amla tastes terrible but I am a believer.

John W.
2 years ago

I have fallen in love with hibiscus tea 😀 it's delicious. I buy fair trade organic hibiscus tea from my local fair trade shop ⛪

John W.
2 years ago

It's also rich in vitamin C ☺

Joan McBride
Joan McBride3 years ago

I love shopping in China Town for tea. They are the tea experts and have an abundance of choices...hibiscus among them.

Teresa W.
Teresa W3 years ago

thank you

Rose Roma
Rose R3 years ago

Hibiscus tea = wonderful, delightful color. Abso-smacko refreshing taste. The best.

3 years ago

Thanks! Hibiscus flowers also makes a great hair mask.. here are instructions on how to make it: http://www.honeydustblog.com/hair-care/hibiscus-hair-mask-for-silky-hair

Ivana Brekalo
Ivana Brekalo3 years ago

interesting!Yesterday I bought 100 gr of hibiscus tea,so I'm going to make a wonderful breakfast :-)

Ehealth T.
Ehealth T.3 years ago

Hibiscus – Best Herb to Lower Blood Pressure..........http://www.ehealthytip.com/2014/05/hibiscus-best-herb-to-lower-blood.html

John W.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing this, have started to drink hibiscus tea, & adding it to stews & curries.