Holiday and Solstice Greetings

“Throughout the year, there is the dance of light and dark, and at the winter solstice, this dance is at its most intense and pronounced, with the longest period of darkness and the shortest period of light. Our ancestors, without the advantages of electric lights and central heating, were no doubt apprehensive about whether the winter’s coldness and darkness would ever come to an end, whether their food supplies would hold—whether their family or tribe would survive the harshness of the season.”

Like our ancestors felt thousands of years ago, many are in the throes of some undefined fear about the cycle that is presently concluding and the new era that is emerging. This fear is showing its face in different ways, such as sensational stories of some apocalyptic event that is occurring on December 21. The horrific assaults that have taken place recently are indicative of how some individuals react to this fear through aggression, most likely young souls who feel trapped and helpless, like wild animals in a confusing web of ill-defined threats. Feeling victimized by events beyond their control, they compensate for their sense of powerlessness by exerting power over others.

The call during this time to all who are awakening is to bring forth a different kind of power by focusing as much Light and Love into the darkness as humanly possible, even into our own personal darkness such that they may be identified and embraced with that same Light and Love. As we do so we create increasing opportunities to give this to our families, friends, and communities and thus potentially ease their dis-comfort.

Yes, we are entering a new era as predicted by the Mayans. It’s not the end of the world but the end of an era, one where all can feel at some level the vibratory increase attributed to cosmic events, such as the equator coming into alignment with the galactic equator. Whatever the reasons for this, it affects each and every one of us in an impersonal way, though we attribute the physical sensations prompted by this increase in amplitude in a very personal way. Always ask yourself, when you feel restless, anxious, agitated, or anything like this whether it is perhaps the wave of activation coursing through human consciousness that you’re experiencing.

It’s a time for unfinished business to be addressed and completed. To whatever degree possible release your fears, worn out habit patterns, shame, and guilt. Sometimes this will feel uncomfortable, but allow it to move through you until you feel some release and relief. It is akin to a physical detoxification, where you feel the body’s natural response to such a process.
Know that Spirit is in charge of this movement (as always), so aligning your will with the Will of Spirit will continue to help you navigate through these years of dramatic change. Calling on your spirit helpers at each and every opportunity will be necessary as the new era unfolds. Here are ten principles that can make the transitions much easier.

1)    Show up! In other words, be here now. Be present!
2)    Surrender to what is rather than resist. By doing so you it will become clear on what to do or not to do.
3)    Keep your heart open to Love and compassion. Follow the path you’re on with your heart. You don’t need to keep doing the same old things if they don’t have heart and meaning.
4)    Speak your truth and do so without blame, shame or judgment, of others or of yourself.
5)    Forgive others; forgive yourself. Don’t dwell on the past. Let it go!
6)    Express your love and compassion as much as possible, especially to those you might not ordinarily show this to.
7)    Set your intentions as clearly as possible and they will manifest outwardly.
8)    Breathe! Find that stillness inside as often as possible
9)    Connect with Nature every day and get to know the spirits of nature.
10)    Seek support; give support.

May the Light of your Heart shine brightly
May you dance with the Spirit of Love
May the grace of the angels surround you
May you always be blessed from above
May the Earth our beloved Mother
Receive our heartfelt embrace
May the Lord our beloved Father
Remind us of His eternal Grace

Most of all, may you enjoy many blessings on this solstice season!

Happy Holidays!


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