Homemade Bows for the Green Gifter!

Can you cut out wrapping paper completely this holiday season?

After searching some green crafting websites, Iíve decided itís easy to do away with wasteful gift wrap AND still make a very lovely gift presentation.

Perhaps one of the easiest alternatives to wrapping paper is newspaper. Think that wrapping a gift in newspaper just isnít as classy as shiny wrapping paper? Dress it up with a scrap paper bow!

Jessica Jones from howaboutorange.com provides a great tutorial thatís really simple and makes newspaper-wrapped presents look elegant, creative and of course, eco-friendly.

All you need is some double sided-tape (glue or staples would work as well) and one page of a regular-sized magazine (an old map or scrap paper of the same size would work as well).

1.††† Cut the piece of paper lengthwise into nine strips, 3/4 ” wide.
2.††† Cut one inch off 3 of the strips.
3.††† Cut two inches off 2 of the strips.
4.††† Cut one strip to 3 1/2 inches long.
5.††† Leave 3 of the strips full length.
6.††† Twist all but the smallest piece into a “figure 8″ shape and glue or tape the ends where they meet in the center.
7.††† Make the 3 1/2 inch long piece into a circle.
8.††† Stack the pieces on top of one another putting the smaller pieces on top, and voilaóyou have a homemade scrap bow!

Check out Jessicaís blog for more detailed pictures and ideas.

Another great non-wrapping-paper alternative is furoshikióa Japanese style of gift-wrapping that uses printed fabric and special folding techniques to create a beautiful and unique presentation.


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