Making Memories: Recipes for Homemade Holiday Ornaments

Decorating the tree is so much more meaningful when you have ornaments and memories that you and your family have created from scratch.

These two techniques for making holiday ornaments are fun for kids and will keep so that they can be reused year after year.

This is an excellent recipe for homemade ornaments.
The dough is very easy to work with, and once baked
the ornaments are very firm and easy to paint.

1 cup salt
2 cups flour
1 cup water
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
Water-based paints

Place dry ingredients in a bowl, add the water
and oil, then stir until blended. Once the dough
holds together, make it into a ball and
knead it with your hands to make
a smooth texture.

Place the dough
on a cutting board, and using a rolling pin, roll the dough
out into a pancake shape that is a bit thicker
than you would use for regular cut-out cookies. Cut out
the ornaments with cookie cutters, design your own
ornaments using a blunt knife, or shape dough with
your fingers. Punch or carve a hole into the top of
the ornament to thread a string through to hang the decoration.

Bake at 250 degrees until hard (for one to two hours).

Once cooled, paint with water-based paints if desired,
or glue on glitter using white household glue. Thread a string
or ribbon through the hole and hang the decoration on the tree
or elsewhere in your home. These ornaments can be reused year after year.

These ornaments are just about the most eco-friendly holiday ornaments you can make. Although these ornaments are very fragile, you can reuse them year after
year if you handle them with care.

Fresh eggs
Sterilized sewing needle (sterilize by holding over a lit match)
Water-based paints
White household glue
Pipe cleaners

Poke a hole into the top and bottom of
each egg. Blow into the hole at
the top of each egg (the small end) so that the insides of
the egg comes out through the bottom hole, into a bowl
below. Save all the eggs’ insides for cooking. Paint the eggs
with water-based paints, or coat the eggs with
white household glue before covering their surface with glitter.

Bend one end of each pipe cleaner into a “U” shape (so that
the “U” is about 1 inch in length). Gently insert the other end of the pipe cleaner into the
top of the egg, and use the end with the “U” to hang the egg on a tree.

By Annie B. Bond


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Thanks for sharing

Jon Hoy
Jonjon Hoy6 years ago

One year I took old wood scraps and made my own western orinaments. I use a grinder to form each after cutting them out with a jigsaw. Had cowboy hats, boots, cow horns and even catus that had tooth picks for thorns. Use bailing twine for rope reefs. I even make a Door Reef of Catus as each and everything was painted and had a rustic look. It was surely one of a kind and truly homemade and all it cost me is my time to make.

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good ideas on the baked ornaments. ill have to save and use to make with my grandchildren

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What cute ideas. Thanks.

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Yummy! Love these recipes. Thanks.

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Thank you .This is good to do with my kids anytime of the year.It is uncomplicated and inexpensive,yet fun.

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I enjoy doing crafts, especially during the winter. Thank you for the ideas.

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