Homemade Mango Face Mask

I was researching mangos for a recent article on their health benefits and I came across the idea of a mango “mud” mask.

Knowing that the only skin care product that has touched my face in years is shaving cream, I thought, if I can do that, anyone can!


mango before Randys Homemade Mango Mud Mask

This was the mango I used. It was the only ripe mango I had and my daughter wanted to eat the other half and I wanted to eat a little myself so I ended up using only about 1/3 of a whole mango.


oatmeal and almonds in grinder Randys Homemade Mango Mud Mask

These are the almonds and oatmeal in a small coffee grinder Ė before. (Unlike the mango, I had a lot more almonds, so I ate quite a few of those!)

almonds after grinding Randys Homemade Mango Mud Mask

This is my almond mixture after grinding.

mexture in bullet Randys Homemade Mango Mud Mask

This is my almond mixture and mango pieces in a Magic Bullet Blender before mixing.

mixture in bullet after blaneding Randys Homemade Mango Mud Mask

Mixture after blending.† At one point it was not blending well enough so I added 2 tbs. of water.

The mixture smelled a lot like oatmeal but it definitely tasted like mango. The taste was how I would imagine mango baby food to taste.

with mask on lying Randys Homemade Mango Mud Mask

The mixture seemed to be on the watery side, so the only way I knew to make sure it didnít run off my face was to lie on a towel and then use my hand to grab the mixture and swish it on my face. After lying down for five minutes it seemed safe to stand up.

The most obvious experience I had was that it felt so cool on my face. I was expecting for it to warm up after a while but it never did. Maybe that was the cooling property of mango I had researched previously?

washed off Randys Homemade Mango Mud Mask

Me with a glowing face after I had washed it off with a cloth. I was temped to put in a fake picture of a ruggedly handsome model as a joke but held myself back (or did I?).

After I had finished I still had a bit of the mask left over….

mango that was left Randys Homemade Mango Mud Mask

They were all still good fresh ingredients. You can maybe guess what I did with it?

Written by Randy Fritz, co-creator with Diana at Real Food for Life


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Thanks for sharing!

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Thank You!

Veronica Danie
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Thank You!

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very nice recipe and nice effort too :)

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What a waste! Why not eat it? LOL!

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Sounds quite simple & efficient ! Will give it a try ! :)

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Sounds like a good one. I usually steam my face (over a bowl of hot water) before applying masks and find that makes a huge difference, especially if you add some aromatherapy oil while steaming.

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Thanks, seems fairly effortless. I can't wait to be ruggedly handsome. ;)