Commitment to Change Humanity

“At this moment, nothing is more important for healing the world than to link all those who believe that we must set forth a new narrative and create a new world where hope, social justice, peace and a sense of the sacredness of life prevail. For this, we need to form a critical mass of humanity that influences change at a global scale, to bring together the inner streams of sensitive human beings.”

That’s philosophy behind the Alliance for a New Humanity, created by Deepak Chopra with other visionary leaders to unite humanity to change the world.

Watch this short and uplifting video from the Alliance for a New Humanity, narrated by Deepak!

The Alliance is a global network that inspires and connects people to be the change the world so desperately needs.

Every year the Alliance puts on a conference called The Human Forum. The 2008 offering, ďA Symphony of Transformation,Ē will take place March 11-13 in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The forum will explore how the world is moving away from four prevailing myths that still define human relationships amongst themselves and with nature: Money brings happiness, technology yields well-being, weapons provide security and natural resources are unlimited.

Learn more about The Human Forum, 2008!

Find out more about the Alliance and how you can help.


Robert O.
Robert O6 years ago

Thanks Annie!

rita h.
kittie k10 years ago

Seems even from the predictions of the academic field of Astronomy that we are looking forward to a 2010 Harmonic Convergence "gallactic pulse" brightening of
the blue specrum of light impacting the brain's hippocampus, causing a release of extra serotonin, in turn, causing a boost enough to feel good worldwide, thus able to receive truth instead of avoiding and denying it...Here's a meme for us to share in
collective consciousness...could we create critical mass effect if we all are paying attention to the brighter (like HD TV) clearer light? And to the lift in mood to facillitate staying in the moment with the true: the coherence between heart and though? Planets
alligning thru the Milky Wway add the extra strength of this harmonic convergence as compared to the one of 1987; interacts also with the new technology of HAARP's added intensity of EMF's in the Ionosphere.

Nancy Stamper
Nancy S10 years ago

Wow, we can do this!

Cecelia L.
Past Member 10 years ago

"A global change of heart." I love it!

rita h.
kittie k10 years ago

Tell the truth. Learn to process sacrifice materially and talk about the moral values of recycling, conserving, community service, communication, ego-transcendence, compassion, the Bill of Rights that so many have died to keep alive.
Spread it around. Sharing.
Research it, know what your sources are that you Zeitgeist, a good, easy don't even have to be messenger!
Know to discern disinformation!
Talk to every one you speak with of the necessity of bringing the Green topics into dialogue, as important as whites examining their white priviledge & make sure if you have that mainstream power to get in there and use it for We the People! Don't be confused...the U.S. leaders, front (leagal capital base) for the world bank an the IMF, using fascism to protect corporate crony capitalism, while claiming to be saving democracy from the lastest external threat-du-jour (communism, war-on-drugs, terrorism, pick any). Learn not to be confused, but clear and coherent. Represent.

Litha Moon
Carol Anne Knapp10 years ago

I'm in, this sure sounds like the hope I have been searching for.

Lauren Stone
Lauren Stone10 years ago

Wonderful! I have long been an admirer of Mr Chopra's work. Talking is great, DOing is better.

Heather R.
Heather R10 years ago

This is exactly what I feel and have been looking for. It is vital that all of humanity see the dire need to change their ways - not gradually, for there is no more time for making small improvements on problems too big that they will swallow us whole unless we see our errors fully for what they are, and all seek to correct them here and now, so we can finally have the peace that is attainable and live in harmony with nature as we were meant to. I'm tired of poltics ruling mankind, it needs to be truly enlightened people staying constantly informed of what's going on around them. We can have a beautiful society but each of us has to be active and have strong morals, not just about ourselves, but about how we interact with this earth and the other animals on it. Then we will fully evolve into what we should be. Otherwise, it is extinction. I no longer see any other way around it.