Your Horoscope Colors for Luck and Success

Friday the 13th is said to be the unluckiest of days. Find out the colors for your horoscope that promise luck and success, and leave the bad luck behind.

Good luck usually follows when we align with our true selves, so wearing or surrounding ourselves with the colors that are best for our sun sign can really help!

Aries, March 21-April 19: Think of fiery hues–red, hot pink, yellow.

Taurus, April 20-May 21: Think of a garden in early summer–soft greens, rose-pinks, pale turquoise.

Gemini, May 22-June 20: Think of inspiring early-spring airiness–white, silver, yellow, spring green, pale gray.

Cancer, June 21-July 22: Think of moonlit seascapes–pale blue, silver, pearl, glistening white, emerald green.

Leo, July 23- Aug 22: Think of sunny and positive tones–gold, yellow, orange, vermilion, copper, blood red.

Virgo, Aug 23-Sept 22: Think of colors of nature in summer and early Fall–pastel shades of blue, gold, peach, yellow, and amethyst; jade green, autumn hues.

Libra, Sept 23-Oct 22: Think of goddess-like dignity–royal blue, cerulean blue, rose-pink, amethyst, violet.

Scorpio, Oct 23-Nov 21: Think of mysterious and occult shades–deep, dark shades of red, russet-brown, shadow-black, stone-gray.

Sagittarius, Nov 22-Dec 21: Think of stained-glass colors–lilac, mauve, purple, amethyst, violet, indigo, vermilion, midnight blue.

Capricorn, Dec 22-Jan 19: Think of neutral and earthy shades–black, gray, violet, dark brown, earth colors.

Aquarius, Jan 20-Feb 18: Think of neon rainbow colors–electric and ultramarine blue, electric green, deep violet.

Pisces, Feb 19-March 20: Think of marine tones–purple, violet, amethyst, sea-green, turquoise.

By Cait Johnson author of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air (SkyLight Paths, 2003).


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Very interesting. Thank you!

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Thank you for sharing.

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Gemini with moon in Cancer. I would never wear those colors. I love deep rich jewel tones so the cancer emerald green works. Since I'm a brunette with cream white skin they look great on me. Too funny.

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Cool, I am Aquarius 'leo 'rising' my favourite colour is green my 2nd fav is gold - so, right on track!!

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Very interesting. Thanks.

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Thanks for the article.

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For me Friday the 13th is always a lucky day because I believe in it.