How Climate Change Crushed My Cars

This is not hot news or anything, but some of us are still feeling the effects of super storm Sandy.

She was mean.

She tossed very large trees across our yard, which totaled not one, but two of our cars. Nice. She managed to destroy our fence door and do some damage to the house as well. Keep in mind, we’re about 50 miles from the shoreline.

However, in light of the many who lost their homes—and even those who actually lost family members—we got off pretty easy. Nothing our good insurance and some minor adjustments in our lifestyle couldn’t fix.

I haven’t owned a car since that time and have taken the opportunity to enjoy walking all over my awesome town (I heart Boonton, NJ!). My husband and I car share, which means I have access to a car about 20 percent of the time. But I’ve also used this time to get connected to many car manufacturers and have done week-long (sometimes longer) drives in some of the greatest plug-in hybrids and EVs out there.

I thought more about my cars and Sandy when I started watching Years of Living Dangerously– a documentary TV series that explores climate change.

Please listen to this excellent Green Divas Radio Show podcast featuring Anna Jayne Joyner and Mary Anne Hitt from the Years of Living Dangerously series, episode 4.

Click HERE to watch the first Years of Living Dangerously episode!

It was stunning to go back in time with the producers and the featured celebrity guides to see how Sandy is still raining on many family’s lives and hear from both climate deniers and climate scientists about how our weather patterns are changing and how we humans are contributing to some of this extreme activity.

One of the episodes showed a congressman, who was directly impacted by Sandy, try to stay within his walls of denial by remaining convinced that climate change is a natural phenomenon and there’s nothing we can do about it.

I won’t spoil it for anyone. Each episode has a few well-produced story lines that lay out a new and often frightening reality with undeniable science. There are a couple of story lines that†not only highlight differences of opinion, but work to illustrate how someone can shift their perception, and more importantly how individuals can absolutely make a difference.

I’m not going to lie—the first couple of episodes are powerfully intense with a shocking sense of potential doom, but we start to see the light emerge by the end of episode 3. And from what we learned by talking with Anna Jayne and Mary Anne Hitt, there’s a lot of hope in episode 4 … and an appearance by actor†Ian Somerhalder.

Mary Anne Hitt and Ian Somerhalder

We’re still waiting for Somerhalder to call for his interview. Both Anna Jayne and Mary Anne reported that The Vampire Diaries actor is not only charming and handsome, but he’s walking the walk and is very sincere in his desire to†do his part to make the world better with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. Some girls might say he’s a sexy AND philanthropic vampire.

Written by†Green Diva Meg.



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Shows true American spirit of making due...

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Serves you right for causing climate change, and only 1 was a car, the other was a truck.

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Be realistic we need vehicles.