How Color Affects Our Mood

Jeanette Chasworth is a designer who specializes in color and the author of the book, What’s Color Got To Do With It. She is often called a “color whisperer.”¯ She can go into a room and communicate with it, intuiting the colors that are needed based on the client’s desires and the messages she picks up from all of the objects in the room.

Jeanette strongly believes that when you change the surroundings in your home, your life will be transformed, allowing you to heal your past and step into your future with the solid foundation of a home that flourishes around you.

Having worked with energy in my own Feng Shui practice for many years, her concepts are very much in alignment with the principles of Feng Shui. I love the way that she sees color as a way to energetically shift a room.

In a recent radio interview with Christina Hamlett, Jeanette talked about some of the powerful effects color can have on children, teens, relationships and our ability to feel comfortable in a space.

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Q: What kind of effect can color have in my home?

A: Finding the right colors for your home is important, especially when there is more than one person living there. In keeping with your opening reference to orange,  it is a great color. I love it personally, but it has a lot of energy to it. Not everyone can handle that level of energy in their home.


I had a client who wanted me to select paint colors for her living room. She gave me a bunch of peach samples to choose from and didn’t  want to look at my samples. I selected the best from her pile and she painted the room. Her roommate stopped talking to her. This went on for weeks before it finally came out that she hated the paint color.

My client remembered that I was going to look at other colors and called me back. I selected a softer gold for the room, which brought out more of the painting and created a much calmer atmosphere for the roommate but still had a lot of life for my client. As soon as the room was painted, the roommate loved it and their relationship was back on track.

Children and Dyslexia

Another client had a very dramatic change. I was brought in to look at the master bedroom. When I went in there, I noticed that the 9-year-old child had a bed in the parent’s room. I asked about that, and they said that she was still having nightmares from 911 and this was four years after. I asked if she had lost anyone in it and the answer was no.

I asked to see the child’s  room after that. Mom had done her best to create a beautiful room for her kid with a Carousel theme. As we talked, it came out that the child was dyslexic and the problem was instantly clear to me. Stripes are hard for someone with dyslexia to live with because they don’t see a straight line; it is constantly wavering. These were thick stripes and could easily remind a child of the Twin Towers. I then explained that yellow could help her to learn better. Mom said there was a lot of yellow in the living room and the little girl practically lived in there. They painted the room and everyone got their own rooms back.

Teens’ Bedroom Colors

Q: Should children  have a say in how their rooms should be painted? What if, for instance, you have an aspiring Goth girl who wants all of her bedroom walls painted black?

A: Absolutely, a child needs to have a say! This is their space and it should reflect their tastes and preferences. This is a great way to teach them a bit about personal style and how to show it. But, under no circumstances do you paint your teenage child’s room all black. A fellow color consult had a client whose son wanted an all-black room, and it nearly killed him. Our bodies NEED color and light. But colors are an expression of personality, and having black as a focus color in a room doesn’t mean turning the room into a cave. Paint the ceiling black, it will create a dramatic look. Have black accents like black furniture or draperies, but paint the walls a color, maybe a deep purple or green if there is a need for dark colors. You could also paint the walls white and use a black stencil on the walls for a dramatic statement. There are some really great rooms out there in magazines where black and white has been done well, the contrast and drama of black-white is trending right now. If you are going to use black walls, then you need to have a white ceiling, lots of white molding and bright furniture. There needs to be something light in the room to make it work.

Change it up as they Grow

Q: What are some color tips for parents with growing children, who are transitioning from tweens and teens?

A: I think that color grows with children. Many children have a favorite color and that is a pretty good bet. Children are much more in tune with what their bodies need than adults. I also don’t believe that you paint a child’s room once and forget it as they grow, no more than you would expect the bike you give them to last their whole lives. They will want change as they mature. Paint is a simple fix. They go through so many changes, and as they become more independent, they will want more input. Give them guidelines and let them grow.

Thank you Jeanette for your expert color advise!

Jeanette Chasworth is the author of the book What’s Color Got To Do With It? and is an Interior Designer and Color specialist living in Monrovia, CA. You can visit Jeanette’s web site at Her book is available at her web site and on  Amazon. Photos courtesy of Jeanette Chasworth from her design portfolio.

Erica Sofrina is an International Feng Shui Consultant, Interior Designer, Speaker and author of the book Small Changes, Dynamic Results! Feng Shui for the Western World.

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