How Do You Define Your Body Shape?

How do you define your shape? Does the way you define your shape differ from the way others do so? There are so many choices now to describe the female body; skinny, plump, athletic, pear or apple-shaped, stick-thin, voluptuous. If you’re a size 14 or larger, how do you feel about the term plus-sized? According to a survey conducted by retailer Sonsi, you don’t like it.

Of the 1,000 women questioned in the survey, a majority said they preferred to be called curvy over plus-sized or any other term. These women, size 14 or larger, also answered questions about body image. The results showed that while 85 percent of the women surveyed felt beauty came in all shapes and sizes, only 49 percent said they liked their own curves.

It’s been shown that being thin is not guarantee of healthiness no more than being overweight indicates complete lack of health. As the results of the survey show, the women who took part clearly understand that. The disconnect occurred when the women were asked to reflect on their own bodies. It’s likely that this self-perception influenced the choice of “curvy” as the best term to describe women of larger sizes.

When it came to picking the best term to describe their figures, 28 percent said they preferred curvy because they felt their curves helped define who they are. Of the other options, 25 percent said they liked plus size and another 25 percent felt full figured was the best choice. The survey also allowed for write-in options. The women surveyed took advantage, writing normal, average and beautiful.

There has been some backlash against the results of the survey, particularly among those who feel “curvy” should be reserved for women shaped like Sofia Vergara. Others feel that terms like fat or plus-sized are only negative if people allow them to be. Regardless of your, or anyone else’s, opinion on the matter, women are going to define themselves with the terms they feel most comfortable with. What is that term for you?


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Arianna T.
Arianna T4 years ago

I think it's quite bad to define all overweight bodies as "curvy", "plus-size", etc, with no distinction whatsoever... They have defined shapes too! Women can be overweight (or not, as some so-called curvy women actually have a balanced weight) but have a hourglass/apple/pear shape, and identifying the shape can help choose more flattering clothes. Right now it seems like not skinny women can only wear tents...

Ken N.
Ken N.4 years ago

Overweight & being too thin has never been a healthier option. Though i feel there shouldn't be any sort of imaged formed into the mindset of ladies, rather staying positive & eating enough can help them to stay fit & healthy is the best way to beat all false imagination.

heather g.
heather g4 years ago

I like the response : "Round is a shape!"

Now that I'm retired, I tend to try and verify if the other person has swallowed one cushion or two cushions.....
It's more important to keep active, to be friendly and monitor one's health.

sylvia Szczepaik Bouvier
sylvia S4 years ago

Curvy and full figure or plus size to is one and the same .. if Sofia Verga or anyone feels insecure about being called curvy standing next to a woman who may have her breast size but twice her waist size... that's their problem... I don't see a problem... people need to learn humility ..

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen4 years ago

Thank you :)

C R.
Chloe R4 years ago


Katie K.
Katie K4 years ago

I am healthy and voluptuous, long hair that has never been colored (call my greys my platinum highlights) and describe my face as being cute. We all have our days when we feel self-conscious or hear a unkind remark then flipout for a while. Get over it. Don't let the media, Hollywood or others define you...ever. Be a good, kind and caring person and that always will show thru no matter what. You are what you are.....embrace that and smile.

Marie W.
Marie W4 years ago

Waiting for men to have as many descriptors.

Lynn C.
Lynn C4 years ago

Just as long as the ol' bod works well I'm not too interested what "shape" it's in.

Aaron Bouchard
Aaron Bouchard4 years ago

thank you