How Monsanto May Destroy Itself

I just read a fabulous article by Melanie Warner entitled, “Mystery Science: More Details on the Strange Organism That Could Destroy Monsanto,” detailing a possible problem for Monsanto’s genetically engineered, Roundup Ready, corn and soy crops. It seems that the herbicide glyphosate, which Monsanto uses in its Roundup product, may be damaging the immune systems of its own Roundup Ready corn and soy crops, so that they are in fact killing themselves off at a not-insignificant rate.

This information is being presented to Monsanto and the USDA by a white-haired, Midwestern scientist by the name of Don Huber. While his theory has not passed the formal test of scientific findings – it has not been upheld by other scientists nor has it been published in an industry peer review journal – it is nonetheless compelling.

In spite of having the USDA in its pocket – the new and unprecedented police-yourself USDA policy towards Monsanto’s Roundup was passed by Tom Vilsack just days after Huber sent his findings (by hand) to Vilsack – Monsanto may actually be the death of itself. An idea I find poetically appealing.

-Jocelyn Broyles

Headline image from, provided along with Huber’s letter. It shows a green, non-GMO field in the upper left, next to a brown Roundup-ready field in the forefront.

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one can only hope Monsanto self destructs

Irene S.
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That would be a real vision, but I´m afraid, they´ll need our "help" to do so.

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Before it destroys us? Ooohhh, can't wait!

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Let's hope Monsanto will destroy itself!

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Let's speed up the death of this evil company. Playing with God's creation the way they are is killing the true and natural way crops and Earth survive.

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Good . Let their evil crap die.