How Much Energy Do You Use In An Hour?

You’re busy. Dashing here and there, taking care of errands, attending business meetings, and socializing with friends. Most people have stressful schedules in which every minute is a precious resource not to be wasted.

But while you’re squeezing the most fun and productivity out of each hour, many elements of your home and office are probably wasting energy.

Think about everything you do in the hour before you leave for work; turn on the morning news, put in a load of laundry, grab some juice and breakfast from the refrigerator, and check your email before heading off to start your day.

All of these things can easily be done within an hour, but during that hour, a lot of energy is used. Today’s infographic takes a look at just how much energy is used in an hour by some of the most-used appliances in our homes.

Google Energy Infographic

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Graphic Created By WellHome Energy Audits

Image Credit: Flickr – robstephaustralia


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Interesting info.

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Shocking what is used.

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Thanks for the article.

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I was shocked to see how much energy normal everyday tasks use up. I researched a little more and found the website They have energy saving tips as well as ways to start a green career. Check it out.

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concerning the clothes dryer, one of my favorite eco tips is that if you have to use a dryer at all, add a clean, dry large towel in with the clothes you need to dry and you will be able to set the dryer timer for half as long as you normally would. the dry towel absorbs some of the wetness from the laundry so it'll be done in half the time using half as much energy.

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