6 Stress Management Tips from Around the World


How do you decompress after a long day or week? What do you consider relaxing? They answer may change based on where you live. Check out some of the ways people across the globe manage their stress, and let us know your techniques in the comments.

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1. Brazil

It’s all about balance in sunny Brazil. In this laid-back country, relaxation and time with loved ones are built into your everyday life. It’s not about working hard so you can relax when you retire, it’s about enjoying life’s simple pleasures every day.Indeed, Brazilians truly have relaxation down to an art form.

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2. China

If you stroll through a city park in China, you’re might stumble upon a very curious sight — several dozen people, sometimes hundreds, all exercising together. Tai-chi, yoga, ballroom dancing — you name it, the Chinese are doing it. It’s as much a social event as it is a workout.

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3. Finland

Nothing says relaxing to Finns like a trip to the sauna. Indeed, in Finland, letting off steam in a sauna with friends is a weekly activity — it’s not considered a luxury like it is in most other parts of the world. Most Finns visit the sauna at least once a week, usually on Saturdays, with close friends and family. It’s a social event, though a relaxing one. In the sauna, most people avoid controversial issues and arguments are taboo.

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4. Italy

Italians are all about after-dinner strolls. Walking through their villages, these traditional walks allow Italians to catch up with friends and neighbors, get some fresh air and, of course, get in a little exercise.

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5. New Zealand

With a more relaxed work environment, where leaving the office early or taking time off for leisurely purposes isn’t as frowned upon as it is in the U.S., Kiwis get to enjoy all their beautiful country has to offer.Outdoor sports are big in New Zealand, and team sports like soccer and rugby are quite popular, too.

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7. Denmark

Often ranked as the happiest country on the planet, Denmark has a lot of things going for it in terms of relaxing. To be clear,Sure, a healthy economy, an excellent social welfare system, and political stability don’t hurt the tiny Scandinavian nation’s stress level. There’s another crucial aspect of Danish culture that plays apart in it too: For the Danes, their homes are their sanctuaries — private places to relax away from the bustle of the city. Taking pleasure in being at home sure does wonders for your stress level.

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wow, thank you for pointing out what calms your stress-level according to foreign countries. some of these methods I couldn't relate to a country before.
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Very interesting. I try to meditate on a daily basis and try to laugh as much as possible, either going to the movies or reading something funny. Laughter is very important for good health and life in general.

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i've done many of those mentioned, although i don't do yoga in front of people in a public place! but things like yoga, better breathing, muscle relaxation, sauna, exercise, reading and just being at home with my dog or taking him for a walk [hopefully we never get attacked again] are easy pleasures to do and doesn't cost a lot either, if it costs anything at all!

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Wow, these citrus are fantastic!