How to Acknowledge & Overcome Body Insecurity

Body insecurity. We all deal with it. Seriously.

Every single person you interact with today is going to be experiencing insecurity in some way.

Maybe they are ashamed of their height. Maybe they are uncomfortable with their skin or how their hair looks today. Maybe they are worried about aging or are struggling with an illness.

Truth is, all of us feel like we aren’t “good enough” in one way or another. But what really matters is whether or not you let it rule your life.

Feeling insecure today? Here’s how you can take control and live the life you want to live, regardless of how you think you look.

How to Acknowledge & Overcome Body Insecurity (2)

1) Admit that your insecurities are real.

If you can’t admit that you are feeling insecure, you will never be able to appropriately deal with the issue. Try writing out a list of everything you’re insecure about in a journal to start.

2) Admit to others that you feel insecure.

The root of all insecurities is a fear of being judged or rejected based on those insecurities. Odds are, you are most worried about what other people think of you, rather than what you think of yourself.

Look to friends and family who love you unconditionally to support you as you start working through your insecurities. Ask them to encourage you as you go through the journey of dealing with them.

3) Set out to prove that you can be happy, regardless of you feel.

Do not let your personal value or self worth be rooted in how you look. Decide to be happy no matter what, and celebrate progress!

How to Acknowledge & Overcome Body Insecurity (1)

4) Focus on the things that you genuinely love about yourself.

Many of the things that used to make me uncomfortable when I was young are now some of my favorite qualities in myself! The height and freckles I used to despise are now some of my favorite features.

Think about the things that make you unique and highlight those things.

5) Avoid people in your life who cause you to feel “less than.”

There is nothing worse than negativity. There are some really hurtful people in the world. Do not give them the time of day! Be the bigger person, and avoid spending too much time around people that bring you down.

6) Validate other people.

Give what you want to receive! Be the person that always encourages and uplifts the people around them. That’s the kind of person people love and respect.

How to Acknowledge & Overcome Body Insecurity

7) Stop comparing yourself to others.

Just don’t do it. Everyone started somewhere. Again, everyone has some insecurities, even if you can’t see them.

8) Identify what you have the power to change, within reason.

There is no harm in setting healthy goals that will get you where you want to be! Could you stand to lose a few pounds? Go for it! Find a personal trainer who can help you progress in a healthy and balanced manner and look for support systems wherever you can find them.

9) Dress in ways that make you feel confident and strong.

A good outfit always helps. Get rid of anything in your closet that makes you feel dull or uncomfortable and opt for pieces that enhance who you are.

10) Practice self-care.

Do not let your insecurities cause you to become isolated, but take care of yourself along the journey! Enjoy long baths, listen to uplifting music and enjoy the company of good friends.

Good luck on your journey!


Hannah K
Past Member 5 months ago

Thanks for this

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Chen Boon Fook2 years ago


George L
George L2 years ago

Thanks for the information

LF F2 years ago

I blame Hollywood for a lot of our insecurities. Women are expected to be model like. We've traded our values to watch nude people in R rated movies, only to make many feel like they don't meet the physical goals. Voyeurism. Its not spiritual.

Mariana L
Mariana L2 years ago

Thank you for sharing

Trish K
Trish K2 years ago

We all lose our charms in the end. It's what's between the ears that count, you can take that with you wherever you go and it will make you happy. Love thy self - you godess

Jim Ven
Jim Ven2 years ago

thanks for sharing.

Patrick W
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thank you

Jennifer F
Jennifer F2 years ago

It is so true how all of us at one time or another "try" to be accepted just because of what the media has shown us our entire lives. I will admit to doing this myself but after years you just learn to accept your good and bad....part of getting older I guess.

Leo C
Leo Custer2 years ago

Thank you for sharing!