How to Avoid a Summer Cold During Travel Season

If you’re planning on traveling at all this summer, I imagine you probably want to stay healthy, right? But here’s the issue. Most of us work ourselves to the bone right before vacation, leaving our bodies tired, stress and utterly depleted as we travel to our destinations. This spells disaster for our immune systems.

Instead of playing a game of roulette with the germs you encounter during your travels, give yourself a natural boost. Here are easy tips to add to your travel ritual—because no one likes getting a summer cold, especially on vacation.

Stock up on natural immune boosters.

We all need a little extra support sometimes. While a healthy diet and lifestyle are important for a balanced immune system, why not load up on natural immune boosters to help fortify your body for the travels ahead?

Try bee propolis, turkey tail and cordyceps mushrooms, B vitamins, vitamin C and/or chlorella to deliver the antioxidants and powerful compounds to support your immunity and fend off germs.

Woman on vacation

Pack an emergency self care kit.

Traveling can take a real toll on our bodies, so bring a little kit to make it more enjoyable (and less stressful). That could mean packing a relaxing bottle of lavender essential oil, a sleep mask, dark chocolate and perhaps a few packs of your favorite cleansing herbal tea.

Bring what you need to make yourself feel pampered and comfortable, even though realistically you’re crammed in a car, train, plane, or bus seat. The goal is to keep stress levels low and immunity high.

Drink lots of water.

The number one most important thing you can do to stave off summer sickness is to stay hydrated. Not only is summer inherently more dehydrating, but traveling makes things even worse.

For instance, the recycled air on airplanes has ALL of the humidity stripped out of it—meaning the air in planes is bone dry. It will literally suck pints of water out of your body, just through breathing and perspiration alone! Since dehydration is well known to decrease immune function, keep the water flowing throughout long travel days (maybe with a refreshing wedge of lemon—in reusable bottles, of course).

Young woman travelling with airplane

Supplement with magnesium.

Sleep is so important for immune function, but often our sleep cycles get thrown off when we travel. That’s where magnesium supplementation can help. Magnesium is necessary for the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps you relax and sleep at night. Since magnesium levels get depleted with stress (another hallmark of travel), it’s important to load up. Try a topical magnesium oil to avoid the potential digestive side effects of supplementation.

Don’t let a few nasty germs ruin your summer travels. Protect yourself with a little extra mindfulness and self care, and you’ll have the happiest, healthiest summer vacation ever! What are your best practices for staying healthy while you travel? Share them with the community in the comments below!  

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