How to Avoid Sneaky Trans Fats

The FDA is proposing a ban on trans fats and we have to say that we’rethrilled with the news. Foods like microwave popcorn, canned frostingand stick margarine are some of the most offensive when it comes toamount of the manmade fats, but they aren’t the only ones to keep aneye out for. Several less likely foods contain trace amounts of trans fatsas well.

Foods that are generally considered healthy, or least, better for you, can still contain small amounts of trans fats and be labeled as transfat free. It is likely that as the ban on trans fats rolls out, thesefoods will be allowed to remain on the shelves.

Several kinds of granola bars, cereals and Fig Newtons all containtrans fats, but it’s in such small amounts that the labels can stillmake the “zero trans fats” claim. This is especially troublesome tothose who want to, or are currently, removing all man-made fats fromtheir diet.

Luckily, there are instances of trans fat that are much easier toavoid. Some of the most popular foods are chock full of them and coulddisappear from shelves for good if the trans fat ban goes into full effect. Foods like Girl Scout cookies, Slim Jims and Crisco are unsurprisingmembers of the trans fat felons club, but there are also some shockingmembers.

People on the Special K diet may want to reconsider after learningthat 17 varieties of their cereal, their granola, and meal and snackbars contain high amounts of trans fats. Not exactly what you want your diet food to contain, right?

Of course, the ban is only on the manmade version of the fat. Itoccurs naturally in some meat and dairy products and those will remainavailable at your local grocery store. Until the ban is decided, werecommend taking a closer look at the labels on the foods you buy, andstaying away from sneaky trans fat.


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Buyer beware . . . . of everything, especially wording on labels.

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I hoped the article would include the names of some ingrediants that are trans fats in disguise, if this be so, and they are not labeled as such. Could a product be labeled 'no trans fats' and still have them in disguise?

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How to avoid sneaky trans fats? .... Label read of course, funny the author didn't mention that.

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