How to Be Happier Within 5 Working Days

Why wait to be happy until the weekend hits or the next vacation beckons?

It’s possible to feel happy Monday through Friday. Let me chalk out a simple Happiness Plan for you. It is almost ridiculously easy to follow, because it requires you to do nothing but one feel-happy thing each day of the week.

Monday: Decide to do your health just ONE favor. Think of something you have been neglecting or not doing for a while. Avoiding exercise, perhaps? No time for the gym, no energy to go jogging either. Fine. How about going up and down the stairs for just 10 minutes today? A few stretches at your desk would work, too. A spot of exercise will make a remarkable difference in the way you feel. Check out this University of Bristol research study, which specifically states how exercising on a working day makes you happier (and more productive at work).

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Tuesday: Do some good today. Helping others triggers the feel-good hormone in our own systems. This good deed does not need to be time consuming or expensive–in fact, you need not even step out of office to try and help someone! How about bringing a batch of cookies for your coworkers, paying someone a genuine compliment, offering to help lighten their workload… ideas abound. The important thing is to think of something that will make someone’s day, and then do it! A British study has established that kindness leads to happiness: so now you have a science-backed reason to be nicer!


Wednesday: Today is No Negativity Day! Resolve, this morning, to think positive thoughts and wave away everything that is negative. So, no talking behind someone’s back, no criticizing and complaining, no “can’t and won’t.” Just for today, be someone who makes a space feel happier and more positive just by being in it. Smile more, and while you are at it, let go of the grudges you have been carrying around in your heart.


Thursday: Get close to Nature today. Routine work life has wrenched us away from the beauty of butterflies and flowers, trees and sky. Reconnect! Take a stroll in an open space, perhaps visit a plant nursery, or wake up early to hear the birds chirp and the dawn paint the sky gold.

Friday: Meet up with a friend or five! The weekend awaits, with its gift of rejuvenating pleasures. Tonight, just let your hair down and treat yourself to the company of your friends. A research study done at the London School of Economics measured happiness levels among people when they spent time with their parents, children and friends. The results: people were found to be happiest in the company of their friends.

The weekend is here. Try these suggestions on self-nurture. When a new working week rolls around, chart your own happiness plan step by one little step.




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"easier said than done." @ Kay M -

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I do believe that we each choose whether or not to be happy .

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