How to Choose the Best Quality Essential Oils

Are you new to essential oils? Or perhaps youíre a seasoned user. Either way, have you ever wondered if the oils you use are high-quality? You might have fallen for the clever marketing lines of ďtherapeutic gradeĒ or ďcertified pure therapeutic gradeĒ and picked up the first oil in the scent you desired. But thereís far more to a quality oil†than the message on the bottle.

6 Must-Have Qualities

There are six essential qualities you need to look for if you want to find the best oil. Not all brands do their due diligence when creating oils. Itís a time-consuming and energy-intensive task. Thereís a lot that goes into getting the pure essence of a plant. But the brands that do their work offer high-quality oils. Similarly, if you do your research then you can find the best essential oils for you. To find the best, look for the following qualities:


When it comes to essential oils you want to get what you pay for. If you pay for lavender, then you ought to get lavender. Look for companies who do testing on their oils. There are an array of tests. The most common test is the GC/MS test. Which stands for ďgas chromatography-mass spectrometry.Ē This test tells you what components make up the oil. If your oil of choice has been tested with this method along with any of the others, and the results indicate that you are getting what you pay for, then you can rest assured you have a high-quality oil in your hands.

Indigenous plants

Essential oils come from plants and fruit bodies. If the oil youíre considering comes from a lab, then itís not a true essential oil. Thatís a synthetic fragrance. It must come from the plant. And the highest-quality oils come from plants sourced from their native locations. Most of these plants will likely come from small farms from around the world. Itís best to choose a company that works directly with these small farmers rather than through middlemen.


How long has the brand or company been selling and working with essential oils? How well do they know their stuff? The leaders of the company ought to have an in-depth knowledge of the essential oils. Or at least have someone on hand who knows their stuff.

No Solvents & First Distilled

Solvents may sometime be used in the distillation process, which creates more of a product. The only time this is okay is when it makes an an otherwise costly plant and extraction possible. Other than in this instance, the highest-quality oils are distilled with no solvents. And you receive the first distilled productónot the second, third or fourth. Which means that you get the most potent versus round two, three or four of lower potency. Several brands make distillation round clear in words and pricing.


You may pay more to buy into a friendís participation in a multi-level marketing company than you would for a smaller companyís oils. Combine that with variants in prices based on quality of the plant and distillation process and it can be difficult to know the quality of the oil based on price. But a good essential oil company will have affordable pricing (not too good to be true) with noticeable variants for certain oils. Some oils should be higher priced (even significantly more) based on availability of the plant and amount of the plant required to distill into an oil. If you canít see these natural outliers when browsing, then thatís a red flag.


Most importantly, if itís too difficult to gather this information, i.e. the companies arenít forthcoming, then back away and look elsewhere. Honest essential oils show you the goods up front and are proud of their practices. All this hard work to produce a quality product ought to be on display, so look for it!

Final Thoughts

You may or may not have the time to dive this deep into research for your essential oils. And it may not be necessary for the average consumer. But if you use essential oils therapeutically, then itís worth your time and energy to be sure youíre getting the highest-quality oil. Essential oils can only live up to their reputation when given the chance to perform at their best. So choose the best essential oil for you backed by research.

Photo Credit: Unsplash - Christine Hume


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