How To Create Abundance and Prosperity

“You are prosperous to the degree that you are experiencing peace, health, and plenty in your world.” Catherine Ponder

Walk into a bookstore or troll the internet and you will find any number of books extolling the possibility of attaining abundance and prosperity. Mostly, they deal with attracting more money or more material possessions, as if having this kind of abundance means that you have achieved a higher level of prosperity. The true meaning of abundance and prosperity is lost to those who perceive money and possessions as of utmost importance. What may be surprising to learn is that your practice of yoga and meditation can lead you to discover the mother lode of abundance and prosperity deep within yourself.

“Well, that’s just not going to get the bills paid.”
I can hear you thinking. But do not be so quick to judge, because your yoga-meditation practice can train your mind to think clearly, to stay focused and to maintain a positive outlook on life. By living in the present moment with awareness and integrity you can create the future with the quality of your thoughts. This can explain why some people have so much more than others. It seems unfair that there are people who get everything they want while others, with the same talents and intelligence, can never seem to get ahead. In reality there is enough for everyone to live a prosperous, healthy life with plenty of food to feed the hungry, medicine to heal the sick, resources to house the homeless, and experience to know that war only breeds more war.

As the spiritual philosopher Anon tells us, “All the power and energy of the whole universe resides within you. All of the Infinite Intelligence is present at any point in the universe. It makes no difference how many individuals the energy is flowing through; there is always an inexhaustible supply. You are the heir to all the energy there is, for there are no divisions in Infinity. You are the recipient of all the riches, power, and wisdom of the infinite.”

Anon isnít just talking about making a few more dollars to cover the rent. What he is saying is that there is plenty for everyone, that there is enough abundance, when we know how to tap into what is available to us. Your yoga-meditation practice is particularly important in recognizing this abundance because it trains your mind to control your thoughts, which direct the actions you will take. When you can find peace and acceptance within yourself, you can better monitor your destructive emotions and stay mindful that you are a spiritual being on an evolutionary path.

Success in all other aspects in your life, depends on your ability to live an abundant and prosperous life. Why? Because prosperity is all about what you think, the quality of your thoughts, and how they are made manifest in the world. This relates to all areas of your life:

  • More abundant love in your relationships.
  • A natural progression to financial prosperity.
  • A letting go of fear to allow for abundance.
  • An abundance of patience and tolerance.
  • Greater health and well-being.
  • Abundant creativity.
  • Prosperity in your work life.

Nest week: Overflowing With Abundance and Prosperity. Part II

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Elena T.
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Thank you :)

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This article is so uplifting. Thank you.

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Darryl D.
Darryl D.6 years ago

Your maps are dangerous and may be doing harm. Real feng shui utilizes a compass to determine which direction your home faces in conjunction with the age of the structure to create maps unique to the space.

Some areas need cures and some don't, depnding on what the map indicates. Further, your element suggestions are not correct,eg rocks are actually earth, mirrors are as neutral as windows.
Feng shui helps balance a space that might support energy that would allow to more effectively carry out intentions you may have but it doesn't make things actually happen and you have a duty to let people know about this.

Your suggestions are quick incorrect fixes that are karmically damaging and are not real feng shui.

Robert B.
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Find what it is you love doing, live within your means, treasure your friends and loved ones. Keep expanding your mind with knowledge. Material wealth is just an illusion and a trap.

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Good article