How to Get A Reluctant Partner on Board with Decluttering

It’s officially spring, and many of us are using this refreshing time of year to spring clean and declutter our homes. If you have a partner at home, however, this is often easier said than done. One partner wanting to clean less than the other is a common problem, and it can seem extra frustrating when you’re trying your hardest to get your house clean and minimalist.

Here are some tips for getting your partner on board with spring cleaning:

Sell Them on the Benefits

Getting rid of one’s stuff simply for the sake of a spouse is no fun. But if your partner declutters because they actually want to, it becomes a very different narrative. Before you begin nagging your partner, explain what you think they stand to gain from the process. If you think your partner will be able to make money selling all of her unread books, for example, tell her about it.

Lead by Example

You should also show your partner firsthand how they can benefit from decluttering. Selling and donating your own stuff will show them how they can save time and money on a minimalist lifestyle. Remember that it may take a few months for you to start saving money, but once this starts to happen, your partner is certain to notice.

Offer to Help — But Don’t Declutter Without Permission

Give your partner a helping hand in deciding what he or she wants to donate or sell. But it’s important never to get rid of your partner’s things without permission. This is huge, because if your partner perceives you to be “taking over,” it’s unlikely they will have a positive experience with the decluttering process.

Make a Vision Board, and Share it with Your Partner

Collect photos and inspiration from decluttered, minimalist homes you see on Instagram or Pinterest. Then print them out and make them into a vision board to help inspire you on your decluttering journey. Share the vision board with your partner, prioritizing images of rooms that your parter uses often, such as the bathroom, office or shared bedroom.

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Amanda M
Amanda Mabout a month ago

Fine and dandy, but my problem is that my husband and I have two different cleaning methods. Mine is based on the 4 R's (Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle), which means that as little as possible goes into the trash. If it can be donated, recycled, composted, or repurposed, that's what happens to it. On the other hand, my husband's method only follows one word-TRASH. In other words, whatever it is goes straight into the trash can. MADDENING! He didn't used to be this way-when we were first married, he helped out with all the housework with no problem and I TOLD him that it had BETTER stay that way when I became a stay-at-home mom. Well, guess what? It DIDN'T. Now I'm doing it all seven days a week, and I have been burned out for the past four years. I'm demanding two days off a week, nights off, and all the perks he gets, and I'm getting s$%t for sympathy from him. He even tried to compare lawn mowing and car maintenance to housework this morning! RIGHT! Which chores only have to be done twice a month max, and which chores have to be done EVERY FRICKING DAY? Throw spring cleaning into the mix, and it's no wonder I want to go to war!

Margie FOURIEabout a month ago

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