How to Get More Done By Slowing Down

The concept of slowing down often seems alluringóbut it can also be really trippy for people. Why? Simple: These days, everything is fast. Technology has our heads spinning. Donít get me wrong: living a fast-paced life isnít a bad thing (and itís somewhat unavoidable in New York). But running on high speed all the time can make you feel overwhelmed. You not only end up getting less done, you feel tense and anxious.

Paradoxically, the secret to speeding up and getting more done is simply to slow down. Iím not saying you should renounce the world and meditate all dayóbut I am suggesting that you clear space to access your inner power. When you do that, time will seem to expand, and youíll accomplish more. In this video I share tools that will greatly help you redirect your energy and learn to heighten an inner sense of power to let your outer life grow, expand and flow. Watch now.


Katya J.
Katya J3 years ago


Marianne R.
Marianne R3 years ago

Thanks for sharing

Carol S.
Carol S3 years ago

Slowing down as I write :)

Val M.
Val M3 years ago


Elena T.
Elena Poensgen3 years ago

Thank you :)

Carole R.
Carole R4 years ago

Slowing down to enjoy life is a life lesson. One we sometimes learn too late.
Life goes by too fast , enjoy the little moments.

Loretta Pienaar

Lynn C,I had to laugh. Since I retired at the end of October (at 70) everyone asks me when I will go to work again LOL I am lined up to do voluntary time with a vet and I am doing support for Bipolar sufferers, also voluntary. The wonderful, wonderful thing about this is that I do not feel stressed and that I achieve more than ever before. I am doing a lot of talking to my Lord and I am at peace even though I do my jobs, so much joy!

Pamela W.
Pamela W4 years ago

So very true Gabby ..... thanks for the article. Like a few in the comments, I find that a nap helps sometimes to really sharpen up the brain and remedy a little lack of enthusiasm (in winter). But my summertime solution is to just get out in the garden (even working) - a change of environment works wonders !!

Dimitris Dallis
Past Member 4 years ago

Still, you have to "work" inside...

Lynn C.
Lynn C4 years ago

The problem with this is that if I slow down somebody always finds something else for me to do!!
I'll just keep running around if you don't mind.