How to Get Stains Off Your Light-Colored Pets

If you accidentally spill a cup of coffee on your favorite white shirt, you’re in luck. There are loads of options for treating a persistent stain.

Stains on your cat or dogtake a little more consideration.

Our pets are first and foremost active beings. They get into stuff: potted plants, gardens, mole holes, and even your cooking! All it takes is one accidental romp in a little motor oil or mud and that beautiful white fur is through.

Happy dog

If your light-hair colored pet comes home with a stain, here’s what I suggest you try:


1. Use a fine tooth comb or toothbrush to brush out any leftover debris or substance to the stain.

Sometimes sticky or crumbly bits can remain in the fur where you can’t see it. Brush gently and remove as much as you can before you wash!


2. Locate stained spots (typically on your pet’s paws or chin) and sprinkle a little corn starch throughout.

Corn starch can be used to soak up staining oils around the face. After a minute or two, wipegently with a soft cloth.


3. On particularly tough areas, create a paste of cornstarch and a very small amount of water, and rub into stains.

Using a new, clean cloth, press the mixture into any stains that remain (mud, urine, oil). Additionally, you can try: applecider vinegar, white vinegar, or baking soda and water.

Light-colored cat

4. Fill a washing basin, ideal for your pet’s size with warm water.

If you are removing stains from your white cat, a kitchen sink may be ideal. For larger dogs, try a kiddiepool or larger tub.


5. Gently lower your pet into the basin and give your pet a little bath by gently pouring water over the stained areas.

Using a small bowl or pitcher, scoop up warm water to wet the area before shampooing.


6. Shampoo with a small amount of gentle pet shampoo. Rinse fur.

Baby shampoo may also be suitable. Just check the ingredients! Follow by rinsing with warm water as you did before, gently pouring it over lathered areas.


7. Drain the water basin and rub gently with a soft towel.

If you have the time and are up for a little pet spa treatment, use a hair dryer on a quiet, moderately warm setting to dry.


You did it!

Have you dealt with fur stains on your pet before? What techniques did you use to remove them? Let us know in the comments!


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Thanks Lauren for sharing the great tips.

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Arielle Dahan
Arielle Dahanabout a year ago

Dabbing hydrogen peroxide on the stain and then rinsing thoroughly usually works well. Just don't let them lick it as it can cause vomitting if they ingest too much.

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