How to Handle Your Feelings About the Sandy Hook Shooting

How does one handle the news that 26 people were shot in an elementary school, 20 of whom were small children? Managing our feelings in situations like this can be confusing and overwhelming. How do we find any power when weíre powerless? How do we go on with our day-to-day lives when such a tragedy is unfolding so close to home? How do we act normally without fear of going to the movies or the mall or dropping off our kids at school?

There is no right or wrong way to feel when it comes to tragedy. But there are tools that can greatly guide you through your emotions and help you find power in a powerless situation. Iíve outlined three steps for you to begin practicing now. Itís important that our nation come together and open up to new ways of heightening our consciousness. If youíre feeling overwhelmed and deeply emotional about the shooting in Newtown, begin using the tools in this video immediately.

You can meditate and pray to the music on the next page.†(And if you feel called to, feel free to sign the petition urging President Obama to†address the topic of gun control.)

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William C
William C4 months ago

Thanks for caring.

W. C
W. C4 months ago

Thank you for the information.

Darlene Buckingham

Healthy people who know they are sacred sovereign beings do not murder other people. We have become a mentally ill society - violence is promoted every day in the media - the war on terror - hatred for others rather than self-respect and dignity are pushed at us. No wonder people break - it is not natural to live with hatred. That is the bottom line - until we live with integrity more violence suffereing and grief are going to be the result. I am sure the US is going to push the war with IRan over nuclear energy in the NEw YEar. If the US has integrity they would ban all nuclear weapons and tell the truth that nuclear energy is an abomination. Until that day happens children will die and more young adults will become mentally ill.

Becky Y.
Rebecca Y5 years ago

Yeah, he was so mentally ill that he made sure his hard drive couldn't be read by anyone, loaded his weapons with care, chose little children to shoot, who couldn't defend themselves and teachers who couldn't defend themselves or the children in their care. He was so mentally ill that he killed himself so he wouldn't have to face what he did or stand trial or explain his horrendous act. I truly hope there is a HELL because he went straight there. Meditate? HA! Forget about banning guns, let's blow up all the ammunition factories...BAN BULLETS!

Darlene Buckingham

Many people have been saying the problems is not guns - it is mental illness. I agree with this. Also another problem is that the media lies - the War on Terror is based on lies, religion is based on lies. Until we start to teach children that we are sacred sovereign beings, that we are all equal yet different individuals, that going against sacred law has serious consequences we are going to continue to create situations that harm children and cause grief and suffering for all people. We do not have to live like this - privilege and power are not worth the harm. Living a sacred responsible life at least offers us self-respect and pride. The way we are carrying on drugging our children, corrupting our food, water and air, fighting wars for profit and gain, filling the media with hatred and the war on terror everyday - what do we expect! A life lived with integrity, creativity, music, literature, gardening,dance, architecture, etc - all the things that make us great is what we have to focus on. Living a sacred life is way more fun and rewarding than making guns and plotting how to steal from one another. May peace prevail!

Helen R.
Helen R.5 years ago

Gun control is NOT the problem nor is it the answer ... and it's disappointing that Care2 and Gabby would promote such an uninformed thought. The problem here and with many other shootings is mental illness. THAT is what needs to be addressed, not gun control. Care 2/Gabby, you really missed the mark on this one :( The responsible thing would have been to leave that petition out of this report. Very disappointing.

Lynda Whitney
Lynda W5 years ago

My meditations cannot take away this these feelings that we must stay on this subject of "gun control" as one expert pointed out, this was very close ( Conn.) to a violent gun game many of our children are playing and numbing themselves with daily, violence is in our daily fiber, news, games, society. The solutions are going to start with ourselves and how we come together to end this, I pray everyone does, if not for yourselves,, then for our children.

Aaron B.
Aaron Bouchard5 years ago


Mary B.
Mary B5 years ago

Guns don't kill people, people kill people . Yeah well,stop letting people have guns then, and make it harder for them to walk into to a place and just start killing.
Most things in their resting state are nuetral, but I still wouldn't sell explosives to just anybody.You put cleaning supplies and precription drugs out of reach of little kids too.

John B.
John B5 years ago

Thanks, Gabby