How to Have Fearless Relationships

In three weeks Iím getting married! This exciting time has taught me many spiritual lessons about relationships and Iím inspired to share them with you. Whether youíre manifesting romance, struggling with a family member, or hoping to deepen your relationships, these tools will help. Watch this video for some guidance on how to release fear in relationships. If you want to take these principles even further you can join me for my Fearless Relationships workshop that begins tonight! You can attend live in NYC or on livestream video. Details here.

The 3 Keys to a Happy Relationship


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Jessica K4 years ago

Congratulations on your wedding, and may your partnership be a mirror to teach you about yourself in relation to the world. Thanks.

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Trust and love

andrew h.
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thanks - congratulations Gabby!

of interest on fearless:

"Attachments keep you ever fearful. The more a person’s body-consciousness expands – to include such things as a sense of possessions, a concern for one’s reputation, a sense of personal power or importance – the greater the likelihood of feeling fear.

Fearlessness, on the other hand, comes from releasing those attachments: the desire for personal importance; the desire for power or control over anything or anyone; the desire to be well thought of and respected; attachment to possessions; attachment to bodily health and well-being; and, finally, identification of one’s self with the body.

Fearlessness comes with perfect non-attachment. It is a natural attitude for those who feel they have nothing to protect. Learn to accept with an unruffled mind whatever comes. I often say, “What comes of itself, let it come.” This is just as true for the bad things in life as for the good."

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