How to Help Pets Post Superstorm Sandy

It was heartwarming to read in the New York Times yesterday that dogs are being welcomed into Chase Bank on 3rd Avenue in New York while people from lower Manhattan without power charge their phones. Apparently, this is not an uncommon scene in Manhattan this week. We’ve made much progress since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005. As Care2 blogger Cherise Udell told us in her post “Hurricane Sandy and New York City Pets” the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act was passed in 2006, which made it mandatory for local and state governments to include plans for pets and service animals in their emergency procedures.

However, there are still many animals in need as a result of the devastation that Superstorm Sandy left behind. Rescue Ink in Long Island found foster homes for all of their animals in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. But while the animals are all safe, they can’t yet be brought back to the shelter to help them get adopted, since the shelter is under water and sustained great damage. According to the Rescue Ink Facebook page, “Rescue Ink isn’t your typical rescue organization. These tough-talking tattooed bikers aren’t afraid to use their verbal muscle-power to take the fight against animal abuse to the next level, within the boundaries of the law. The group uses their intimidating presence to shame and report animal abusers and rehabilitate distressed animals.” They have given their hearts and souls to help neglected and abused animals. And now they need our help. Rescue Ink quickly started an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to help raise the funds needed to rebuild their shelter. In addition to money, they are in need of computer equipment, washers, dryers, and other electronics.

If you’d like to donate computer equipment, dryer, or other items, please email I just emailed her to find out how to donate Through a Dog’s Ear music. The clinically tested music that is increasing adoption rates in over 1,500 shelters and rescues worldwide will help bring calm after the storm, both when their shelter is rebuilt and in the temporary foster homes. Thanks, in advance, for helping in any way that you can.

Photo Credit: Rescue Ink

Have you seen the new Adoptable Pets page on Care2? Check it out here! Please also share with your friends. We’d love your help in finding homes for these adorable animals!

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Roberta R.
Roberta R.4 years ago

One of the members has already been arrested for stealing from donors. Where is the rest of the money though? What about the other members of Rescue Ink? Look for "Rescue Ink = The Facts" on Facebook and learn where and how this animal "rescue" spends your dollars and learn about how animals died in their care due to neglect.

Ruth R.
Ruth R5 years ago

Nice people care about pets, let people who have the give-- also care about people and give some give to get people through the cold or wet winter weather. So glad that this article is posted.

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

John S.
Past Member 5 years ago

Glad for the help provided but more concerned about Guy Fawkes Night/week/month celebrations in England.

David V.
David V5 years ago

Awesome...ty Rescue Ink......

Barbara R.
Barbara Rogers5 years ago

Big men with big hearts for animals! That's awesome!

Dina B.
Dina B5 years ago

Thanks they need all the help they can get!

Mary Beth M.
MaryBeth M5 years ago

Great to see. Good karma!!

rene davis
irene davis5 years ago

thank you to the bikers.

Giana Peranio-paz
Giana P5 years ago

Thanks to those wonderful strong bikers for their efforts and good deeds.