How to Help Syrian Refugees

Over two million people have fled Syria since fighting began in the country. Two million forced to leave their community, their home and the life they knew.

US military intervention, which would likely exacerbate the refugee crisis, has thankfully been halted. However, refugees are still leaving Syria every day. And as demand for shelter and basic necessities grow, resources are running short. On Monday, a group of 14 humanitarian organizations asked for increased financial support from the U.N. to meet the needs of displaced Syrians.

It’s easy to feel helpless when a crisis is happening tens of thousands of miles away. If you’re looking for ways to offer help from afar, here is a list of organizations to consider supporting:

International Rescue Committee – “The IRC provides lifesaving assistance to those who make the dangerous journey in search of safety both inside Syria and across the country’s borders.”

Mercy Corps – “You can ensure these children receive the water and shelter they need to survive, as well as safe spaces to play and emotional support to heal from the trauma of war.”

Islamic Relief USA – “Through the collaborative efforts of Islamic Relief offices around the world, more than 1 million Syrians affected by the conflict have received aid.”

Photo credit: © EC/ECHO/Dina Baslan under Creative Commons License


GGma Sheila D.
GGmaSAway D4 years ago

Think the US could do more for the refugees instead of supporting dictators and drug dealers.

A F.
Athena F4 years ago

Thank you!

Val M.
Val M4 years ago


Danuta Watola
Danuta Watola4 years ago

Thanks for posting this.

Dawn D.
Past Member 4 years ago

So sad what these poor souls have to endure. Why can't governments run things better? A lot of powers that be only know one reaction war of some sort against their own people or someone else's people. Haven't all the previous wars of last century and long ago taught the human race anything? It seems not. How soon we all forget or don't want to remember. Some countries are guilty of this amnesia because they were treated badly in past and now treat others as bad or worse. I cannot comprehend it and never will. I myself think lines in the dirt saying because you live that side you are different and should be eliminated are ludicrous.
Compassion is only in a percentage of hearts unfortunately. If everyone around the world just gave a coin between ten cents and a dollar for all charities the problem of hunger and homelessness could be abolished. And no one will convince otherwise. Instead of some having to give $50 to $100 or more to make up the short fall. I'm going to shut up now because this subject gets under my skin because it is so hard to sit and wish to help more but can only give what one can afford. I hope some more savvy people than me can come up with a resolution and get help for these disenfranchised people.
✰♥*★*Love*★* ♥° love °♥*★ *love *★*♥✰
★*♥☻*Love & Peace go with you all.*☻♥*★
✰•★•* ♥° *✰ • &

Fi T.
Past Member 4 years ago

No wars, please

Winn Adams
Winn Adams4 years ago


Lynnl C.
Lynn C4 years ago


Georgeta Trandafir


Laura Saxon
.4 years ago

I don't give to these charities. You don't know if they are actually going to give the money to the refugees or give it to the terrorists. Thanks for sharing, though.