How to Keep Your Pets Safe During Cold Weather

Are the cold temperatures starting to make you cringe when you go outside? Your pets are likely cringing too. Winter is a time to give your animal friends some extra care and attention to keep the cold at bay. The following tips can help everyone stay safe and warm during the cold season.

Dress Them Up

This is vital if your pet has particularly short hair. Many breeds and species of pets are from warmer parts of the globe, and theyíre simply not equipped to handle the cold. Freezing temperatures can be fatal. Consider pet sweaters, jackets or booties to keep your loved one warm during trips outside.

However, if your pet has long fur or is clearly tolerant of cold temperatures, such as huskies, it may be fine to leave them undressed. Watch them closely for any signs of being too cold, such as reddened skin, shivering or cracked paws. If you see any of these, cover them up next time they go out.

Keep Your Pet Dry

Bring a towel with you on walks to periodically dry your petís feet, legs and tummy as you go. Also make sure to give them a good rub-down to dry them off when youíre back home. This serves a few purposes. Being wet will physically rob heat from your pet. In addition, their fur can pick up road salt and de-icing chemicals that need to be removed before they lick them off.

Lighten Up on the Clippers

Never shave your pet down to their skin during cold times. You can trim especially long-haired pets to keep them tidy and prevent clinging ice balls, but having a good fur coat will help protect them against frigid temperatures.

Itís also helpful to trim any hair between the toes of long-haired pets. This will prevent snow and ice from building up on their paws.

Feed Them a Little Extra

Staying warm takes energy, and itís normal for animals to burn more calories during winter. If your pet doesnít spend much time outside, this likely wonít be an issue for them. But, if they really enjoy long runs outside during winter, pay attention to how much food theyíre eating. If they wolf down their usual serving of food and ask for more, itís very likely they need it.

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Skip the Bath

Donít bathe your pets as often during the winter. Wet fur takes longer to dry in the cold, which can chill your pet even more. And bathing can deplete their natural oils and cause dry, flaky skin, which is also made worse by cold temperatures. If they do need a bath, get a moisturizing shampoo recommended by your vet.

Prevent Poisoning

Use booties or rub petroleum jelly onto your petís paws before heading outside. Not only will these help against the cold, they will also provide an extra layer against salt and other potentially dangerous chemicals.

Remember winter can be hard on your car, too. Keep an eye out for new spots or leaks underneath your vehicle and clean them up as soon as possible. Spilled antifreeze, oil, or other fluids can be toxic to pets if they lick them or get them on their paws or fur.

Stay Inside

Many pets still love time outside during cold spells, but stay aware of how long theyíve been out. Whether theyíre with you or alone, keep their outings short unless you know theyíre alright staying out for a while. And donít ever leave your pet alone in a cold car. A car can act like a refrigerator and hold in the cold, which puts your pet in serious danger.

Try to spend some extra time indoors with your companions and find activities to keep them moving so they still get their needed exercise. If they live outside permanently, make sure they have good shelter to sleep in for the night, and add an extra blanket to their sleeping space. And, of course, give them lots of extra snuggles. This has the added benefit of keeping you warm, too.

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Marie W
Marie W5 months ago

Thanks for sharing

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hate winter

Roslyn McBride
Roslyn M11 months ago

Even in Australia, in winter, the temps can drop below zero. My dog has a thick coat put on him every night, & he sleeps indoors year round.

Bailey R
Bailey R11 months ago

I don’t think I’ll need a coat or anything for my dog but I have defiantly thought about buying him booties just so his feet are protected and he can get some more traction

Emma Z
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Marigold A
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Please be EXTREMELY careful with antifreeze! The toxic agent in antifreeze is ethylene glycol, and it takes as little as 1 tablespoon to cause acute kidney failure in dogs. About 5 tablespoons can kill a medium sized dog, and just 1 teaspoon can be fatal to a cat.
Unfortunately, it's sweet and the taste is very appealing to cats and dogs. We see several poisonings every winter season and sadly they never end well.

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