How to Live a Whole Life?

Wholeness is the result of connecting body, mind, and soul. In wholeness you aren’t divided against yourself; therefore the choices you make are beneficial at every level. Once you realize how the soul functions, there is no reason to turn back and live any other way than from the level of the soul.

Yet living without the soul has also been easy. You can ignore being divided against yourself. Life goes on without resolving that issue. Bad decisions bring pain and suffering, but people learn to put up with it. In other words, life without being whole is “easy” because of habit, inertia, or old conditioning that is hard to break.

‘Holisitc’ has come to mean organic food, leaving no carbon footprint, practicing prevention, and trusting in alternative medicine. All of those things are undeniably good – they are evidence of growing consciousness that earlier generations only dreamed of – but they won’t keep you on the spiritual path.

A holistic lifestyle should sustain the ties to your soul even when those ties feel fragile. Spiritual teachers have wrestled with this problem for centuries, wondering how they can bridge the gulf between the old life and the new. Teaching and preaching aren’t enough. Showing by example isn’t enough. Yet many human beings have crossed over to the light (call them saints, yogis, bodhisattvas, or simply inspiring examples) and what they have achieved is real.

If we distill their stories, a lifestyle emerges that applies to you and me in these times of transition. The lifestyle is simple, and can be followed without anyone else needing to know or approve.

Ten steps to wholeness: Nourish your “light body.” Turn entropy into evolution. Commit yourself to deeper awareness. Be generous of spirit. Focus on relationships instead of consumption. Relate to your body consciously. Embrace every day as a new world. Let the timeless be in charge of time. Feel the world instead of trying to understand it. Seek after your own mystery.

Adapted from Reinventing The Body, Resurrecting The Soul, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2009).


Antoinette Reyes
Antoinette R7 years ago

beautifully written, i applaud this post

Max Overton
Max Overton7 years ago

I live a whole life - it's been in a hole for some time.

Jewels S.
Jewels S7 years ago

A good reminder. Thank you.

Sean K.
Sean K7 years ago

Wholeness is completeness, which is Oneness. Oneness then transforms into openness, that allows for the Truth.

Thankyou Dr. Chopra for these wonderful insights on how it is. I sincerely hope to share my Truth to all One Day as well.

Mary Crist Villanueva
Mrs Ken7 years ago

this article helped me. thanks ;-)

Robert Taylor
Robbie Taylor7 years ago

Thank You

Patti Turchon Steigerwald

I totally agree & cherish those words. I am sad for those think "it is all crap!" Oh my gosh, it is what it is ALL ABOUT. My Reiki practice slowly is growing as is my heart-felt connection to others and my Creator. My heart feels at times to burst with caring, love, healing, and prayer. Blessing to those who read this..... tell me how your heart feels.

James K.
James K.7 years ago

From James2u . I knew Dee Pak Chopra when he lived in Cheshire , Ct. His teachings in Alternative Medicine actually saved my life twice . Liver Cancer- 1984 and Pancreatic Cancer -1991 . We all must strive to live our lives as Whole as possible to get balance back into our lives and body - for good health.

silvia l.
silvia l7 years ago

It is lovely to see that everyone as it all figure out to talk about it .... explain where is mystery if not exploring the mountain tops!

Bb La Desh
.7 years ago

Wonderful, thanks for the steps to living a whole life!