How to Make Chalkboard Paint (+ 10 Paint Projects)

Oh, chalkboard paint! I love you so. A little bit of chalkboard paint can really take a craft project to the next level, turning your creation into something versatile and begging to be drawn on over and over again.

The trouble with chalkboard paint is that you really don’t have many options when it comes to the stuff. Black chalkboard paint is pretty easy to find at the home improvement store, and some shops stock that chalkboard green color, but that’s it color-wise. You’re also limited in terms of environmentally friendly options. If zero VOC chalkboard paint exists, I’m yet to come across it. You can imagine my joy when I learned that you can actually make your very own chalkboard paint!

When you whip up your own batch, you have total control over what sort of paint you’re using and you can make it in snazzy colors. Black and green are for the birds. You can mix up chalkboard paint in teal! Or mustard yellow! Or Kelly green! Here’s how to make your own.


  • 1 pint of zero-VOC paint in whatever color you choose
  • 1/4c unsanded tile grout
  • paint stirrer


1. Add the tile grout to your pint of paint, and use the paint stirrer to mix it up really really well. I mean really well. You don’t want to leave any big clumps behind.

2. Paint as usual.

3. If your finished chalkboard area looks lumpy at all, use fine sandpaper to smooth it out once the project is completely dry.

That’s it! Now that you have your very own beautiful chalkboard paint in the color of your choice, you’re ready to get crafty. On the next page, check out 10 chalkboard paint craft projects.

chalkboard paint sign

10 Chalkboard Paint Craft Projects

Got your homemade chalkboard paint handy? Great! Let’s get crafty.

1. Keep super organized by painting your drawers with chalkboard paint. You’ll know exactly what’s in each one! This would be extra lovely if you could paint the drawers different colors.

2. Make a chalkboard sign. Snag an ugly painting at the thrift store, grab your chalkboard paint and a brush, and you’re ready to make a beautiful chalkboard sign.

3. Chalkboard globe. Give a tired old globe a brand new life with a coat of chalkboard paint.

4. Chalkboard clipboard. Your kids will love drawing on a chalkboard clipboard. Think of it as DIY Etch a Sketch.

5. DIY art table. Paint a tabletop with chalkboard paint, and let your kiddos draw all over that sucker.

6. Chalkboard door.Paint the inside of a door with chalkboard paint, and you can write lists, inspirational messages, and friendly reminders that you won’t miss on your way out.

7. Window frame calendar. Turn a salvaged window frame into a chalkboard calendar. Just cut a piece of pressboard or even cardboard to the size of the window, paint one side with chalkboard paint, and nail it to the back. Voila! Insta-calendar.

8. Dual duty napkin holders. A chalkboard napkin holder doubles as a reusable place card. Sandra used spray on chalkboard paint for this tutorial, but you could just as easily paint these with a brush.

9. Chalkboard garland. Cut circles out of cardboard, paint with chalkboard paint, then string up on twine. You can use this garland over and over for every holiday and celebration!

10. Chalkboard herb pots. This project from Finding Fabulous also uses chalkboard spray paint, but you can do the same thing with a pot of chalkboard paint and a brush.

Have you guys made anything fun with chalkboard paint? I’d love to hear what you’re crafting in the comments!

{Image Credits: Chalkboard bubble photo via Thinkstock; Chalkboard sign photo by Becky Striepe}


linda h.
hirst l3 years ago

I once received a chalkboard mug as a gift *And* I lived in a house with a /- 2'x15' strip of chalkboard wall in the kitchen next to the phone. It was the repository of all kinds of msgs/ memos/artwork. Loved it! And Love that I can now make my own paint!!

Elisa F.
Elisa F4 years ago

Thanks for sharing :)

Rebecca Blake
Rebecca Blake4 years ago

Thanks! The Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint is nice, but not the easiest to find in time to do a craft project.

Myriam Derome
Myriam Derome4 years ago

This one still looks so cool. Thanks.

Sonia Minwer-Barakat Requ
Sonia M4 years ago

Great ideas.Thanks for sharing

Shelley G.
S G5 years ago

I love these ideas...Thanks for sharing...

Freyja Ivorie Miguel

i wanna have a whole wall with that paint XD

Sailor H.
Past Member 5 years ago

I'm thinking that matte paint is the way to go for this craft--- thanks!

Jillian Edwards
Jillian Edwards5 years ago

You don't state whether to use gloss, silk or matt VOC free paint.

Joan S.
Joan S5 years ago

Very cool