How To Make Magical Melting Ice Ornaments

Glistening in the hot rays of summer, ice ornaments deck our apple tree for summer parties. Cool down a hot summer day, or just enjoy light sparkling in the garden when you hang these easy-to-make ornaments.

When I try to encourage an appreciation of science and nature in my children, I sometimes try to heighten their sensitivity to an experience by invoking opposites. Where we live, it can be fairly cool and foggy in the summer, so we spend a lot of time celebrating the sun when it appears. We examine our bold shadows, we watch the light sparkle on the water, and with this activity, we delight in the cold ice on our fingertips and the hot sun that heats them back up again.

You can prepare these ornaments in any weather and then hang them on a tree or branch when the sun is shining, just adding that extra touch of magic to a summer day. When we have a summer party, we might offer guests an ornament to tie to our apple tree and watch as it melts throughout the afternoon (or in 5 minutes, depending on the weather.)

Here’s how to make Magical Melting Ornaments:

- Clip (close to the stem) several beautiful flowers from your garden. Daisies, passion flower, or pansies might be good choices.
- Fill a muffin tin with water (you could also fill glasses, silicon egg poachers, or any other roughly 4 inch diameter mold with about 4 inches deep of water).
- Place your flower in the center of your mold, pushing it so it floats near the center of the water.
- Snip 7 inches of colored yarn and fold in half.
- Place the center point of the yarn into the water, poking it to the bottom of the mold.
- Place the molds in the freezer for several hours until they are frozen solid.
Ornaments in freezer

- Remove from molds by warming the outside slightly with your hands, running water, or a warm cloth.
- Seize by the string and tie around a branch.

Icy fingers

Have other ideas for other crafts or activities that celebrating sunshine? Share them!


Alexa Turton
Alexa Turton4 years ago


Aino Viita
Aino Viita5 years ago

Good idea

Tammy Smith
T Zabel7 years ago

What a kool idea!

John Norman Dela Cruz
Jonn Norman8 years ago

Love this elegant idea. I shall surely try them and be creative in the things of will place in the mold. I simply love this idea. Thanks for sharing/

Ron Bakker
Ron b8 years ago

Tanks will them as table decoration.

Steph G.
Steph Y8 years ago

Wow.. seems really cool and pretty! Too bad they can't last forever... :(
I'd do these in the winter instead just so the water doesn't melt in less than a day.. which is perfect for me, its winter all the time here! :)

Monica D.
Monica D8 years ago


Kim O.
Kim O8 years ago

This is such a fun idea, great for sciense experiment or just when the kids are bored! I am a preschool teacher. I will do this with them!!

Patricia Gonzales
Patricia G8 years ago

I meant to say just make sure they are not poisonous and are safe to use.

Patricia Gonzales
Patricia G8 years ago

My niece, told me she uses small flowers and does this for using in drinks, and as cubes floating in a punch .It is really amazing to see a glass of lemon aid with instead of just ice cubes a flower inside an ice cube. JUST make sure they are not they are safe to use. As some flowers are not. I have done mint leaves, rose pedals,and different types and they are beautiful as well as an eye catcher, and conversation starter.
But of course there is always one ( Shrub The War Criminal ) in every crowd that want to be a party pooper.