How to Make Your Own Flower Essences

It’s actually quite easy to become a do-it-yourself maker of flower essences. For a brief review of what flower essences actually are, please peruse my article entitled Flower Essences. Once familiar with the concept we can then begin a wonderful journey into what I refer to as “The Art of Wellness.”

To begin, you’ll need a clear glass bowl, free of design, which can hold up to 12 ounces of water. I like using reverse osmosis filtered water to which I add a few drops of liquid trace mineral complex, or you can use good quality spring water such as Fiji. You’ll also need stainless-steel tweezers, several cobalt blue glass dropper bottles (amber are also OK) sterilized in boiling water, a glass funnel, some labels for the bottles, and brandy (as a preservative).

Place your bowl outside on the soil or grass next to your desired flowers. Fill the bowl with your water. Pick blossoms or petals from the healthiest organically grown flowering plants; use the tweezers–not your fingers–for picking, so as not to contaminate the essence with whatever may be on your hands. Cover the surface of the water with the flowers or petals. It is very important to use only organically raised flowers or wildflowers because we don’t want to use flowers treated with chemical pesticides.

Pick only one kind of flower at a time; it’s okay to select from different plants and colors but just stick with a single species (such as only roses) in your bowl. However, if you can only obtain a single flower, this is fine, too.

Leave the water and flowers in the sunshine for three hours. If you begin in the early morning, while the dew is still on the petals, you may need to “solarize” your water and flowers longer. Spring and summer are the best seasons. Pick a cloud-free day for best results if at all possible.

Fill your sterile dosage bottles halfway with brandy. With your tweezers, remove the flowers and any debris from the water. Again, no fingers please; you may also use a leaf from the same plant, or even a quartz crystal as a removal implement. Add this water to the bottles containing the brandy, filling them to the neck, sealing, and labeling them. It’s a good idea to include the date. You may even label them with the phase of the moon or astrological sign under which they were prepared.

If you’re making more than one flower essence, wash your hands before proceeding to the next flower. Use unscented soap, as aromatic materials may interfere with the potency of flower essences just as they can do with homeopathics.

You now have what is referred to as a mother tincture. Potentize your essences by succussing (shaking) or hitting the bottom of the bottle against the heel of your hand in increments of eight shakes or firm taps.

For everyday use, add two drops of the mother tincture to another dropper bottle filled with equal amounts of spring water and a small amount of brandy. A good rule of thumb is to mix one ounce spring water, two drops potentized flower essence, and one teaspoon brandy; or substitute one teaspoon vegetable glycerine for the brandy, if you wish to avoid alcohol altogether. I always recommend the use of vegetable glycerine when creating flower essences for our animal companions. I recommend that the bottle, when prepared in this manner, be kept in the refrigerator. Always label and date the bottles.

Now you may use your homemade essences just as you would those you buy at the health food store. Those of you who are most familiar with the Bach Flower Essences will note that each of Dr. Bach’s 38 essences comes with suggestions as to the types of individuals or emotional states that they address. Here is a link which shares the descriptions that Dr. Bach offered for each of his remedies.

My personal feeling is that this is not an absolute science by any means, and I suggest that we allow our intuition and our higher selves to guide our selections and their usage. We have great freedom to do this when we make our own flower essences and can send loving, healing, positive messages right into them when we create them in this manner–much like I discussed in Heartfusion: the Magic of Imprinting Water.That way we are not inhibited by what has been written down. Use the guides to expand your consciousness not confine it!

As you explore the flower remedies that are available either on line or in health food stores or the ones you have made yourself, it’s important to remember that negative thoughts and feelings poison the system bringing about ill health and unhappiness, and hindering treatment and recovery on our body, mind, and spirit level.

Positive affirmations can be spoken aloud when using any flower essence. These affirmations can even placed in the form of labels on the bottles. You can name your rose flower essence as “love” or “peace” empowering the essence with positivity, much like Mararu Emoto does with his water crystals. We can also visualize these energetic essences on a quantum level, as being made up of waves of colors from the flowers vibrations which are now imprinted in the water!

Flower Essences may be used to complement another treatment which may have been recommended by your holistic practitioner, as the essences seem to act as a catalyst for healing. Many homeopaths recommend their use, since they don’t interfere with homeopathic treatment as herbal formulas can do sometimes. However, some homeopathic practitioners may believe otherwise, so it’s best to ask. You may wish to contact a flower essence consultant for a personalized program.

Administering flower remedies couldn’t be easier, whether you have made them yourself or purchased them. Just vigorously shake the dosage bottle vertically, in increments of eight shakes (twenty-four is a good number) to energize the remedy each time before using it as we did when we made our remedies from scratch. Then simply add a few drops of the concentrate to a glass of spring water or your bottle of drinking water. 6 to 12 drops per tall glass of spring water is all it takes. You may also fill a spray bottle and atomize the air with appropriate remedies, too.

Ideally, flower essences are taken four times a day. In cases of extreme stress, they may be given as often as every half-hour. The old stand by which is most often used for stressful situations is Dr. Bach’s famous Rescue Remedy, and is the one most people are familiar with. It may be given every five to eight minutes in times of crisis until you see improvement. If there is no improvement or symptoms worsen, seek advice from your holistic practitioner and/or consult your physician, as the use of flower essences is in no way meant to replace professional medical care but is instead a lovely complement to however you choose to help your body to heal itself.

Making your own flower essences allows you to have freedom of expression with this unique method of energy healing and the sheer joy of the creation of something uniquely your own.

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