How to Make Your Own Whimsical Flower Crown

Last week, Gardenista editor Erin celebrated her birthday. The perfect accessory for her special day? A handmade flower crown.

Continuing with her adventures in flower arranging lessons with Chelsea Fuss (you can learn about her exploits here and here), Erin learned to to create a proper frame and choose feathery and linear flowers. Here’s a look at what she learned so you can create your own.

Photographs by Erin Boyle, unless otherwise noted.

To begin her crown, Erin chose three flowers that were as close to wild looking as she could find in a big city. From the bodega down the street, she bought goldenrod and sea lavender, and from the garden she’s been trying to maintain in the front of her building, she plucked stems of gooseneck loosestrife.

Above: In her class, Erin learned that less is more in the leaf department, and so she stripped her stems.

Above: Chelsea’s the real expert when it comes to technique, but Erin was surprised to learn that a flower crown is basically a meeting of many tiny bouquets.

Above: Erin wanted the loosestrife to hang decoratively from my crown, so she left some of it longer as she added flowers to the wire and tape frame.

Above: Photograph by James Casey. Here’s a closeup of the crown in action, loosey-goosey gooseneck loosestrife and all.

For more DIY Bouquets, see Gardenista‘s past posts aboutFloral Arrangements.


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If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. . . . .

Ilze Kokarevica
Ilze Kokarevica4 years ago

I am from Latvia, and every 5th year we have big Song and Dance festival in capital city Riga. This year there was a 50 thousand participants. Every woman had a flower crown, so it is kind a cutural and national thing for us. Check out -

And by the way, there are many ways how can you make a flower crown. For example, i prefer make it like a french braid. First - take three flovers, braid it, and in every next step, add one or two more flowers.

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Pretty! We make flower wreaths and garlands every spring...

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