How to Make Your Own Winter Corsage

Making your own wintertime corsage is less about having a particular way with plants and more about your tolerance for braving chilly temperatures to do your foraging. Inspired by Akiko Seki’s festive headgear, Erin Boyle, creator of Reading My Tea Leaves, bundled up and foraged for flower seed pods, curled-up fern spores, and the ghosts of garden coral bells.

Here’s how to make your own:

Photographs by Erin Boyle except where noted.

Above: Erin wanted to make a corsage that included a range of colors and textures, so she only took a few clippings from each plant she encountered. Photograph by Akiko Seki.

Above: She found that laying out her spoils helped to see exactly what she had to work with. Her collection also included dried reeds and winter grasses. To create the corsages, Erin used a good pair of scissors to take foraging, thin wire, ribbon, and straight pins.

Above: She started with the materials that she wanted to use for the back of her corsage. While building it, she left the stems and wire long to easily grip the stems and use the same bit of wire as while she continued to add new materials. After every few stems, she made another tight wrap with the wire.

Above: To include smaller stemmed pieces, such as this London plane pod, she attached a bit of wire directly to the stem. Sometimes it’s easier to slip a piece of wire into a bundle than it is to incorporate a new stem.

Above: While adding layers, try to think about colors and textures. Erin placed the most visually appealing pieces, such as the seed pods, in the center and filled in empty spaces with a variety of more feathery grasses.

Above: When you’re ready to wrap the stems, start close to the top. Erin left a long tail of ribbon so she’d be able to tie it. After the ribbon was secure, she trimmed the stems.

Check out more of Erin’s winter DIY projects on Gardenista: “DIY: Bottle-Fed Paperwhites” and “DIY: A Grapefruit Birdfeeder for Feathered Friends.”


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