How to Meditate—The Basics

The beauty of meditation is in its power to change us. It is a personal scientific process whereby we are the both the experiment as well as the experimenter. Each time we sit in meditative pose, we have the opportunity to observe the functioning of our mind more clearly. This process–and it is an ever-unfolding process–is not intellectually of the mind but increasingly of the higher self.

This Witness Self exists within us always but it goes unrecognized and unacknowledged because the mind is so consuming. With the ever increasing relaxation into our true selves, where the mind is seen as a tool of ours, not who we are, comes the freedom found only in the present moment. Learn the simple basics of meditation here, so you can begin to feel the far-reaching, stress-reducing benefits:

1. Find a quiet place that you feel comfortable being in, where you find the energy calming. Either sit on a chair with your back straight, or on a meditation bench, or cushion. Settle into a comfortable position with eyes closed and hands cupped together in your lap or relaxed on your legs. You want to feel comfortably balanced but alert.

2. Notice your breathing without altering it; just notice the rhythm of it and focus on it coming and going through your nostrils. Thoughts will arise; allow them to come and go without following them. When you find yourself lost in your thoughts, without judgment or comment, return to focusing on your breath.

3. Begin with ten minutes or so twice daily, preferably morning close to awakening and evening just prior to sleep.

As you are more able to stay with the breath you will begin to notice that you are becoming more a witness to your thoughts. They become less who you are as you awaken to your higher self.

Adapted from an article by Kenneth Andert, Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Reprinted by permission of the author.
Adapted from an article by Kenneth Andert, Licensed Clinical Social Worker.


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I'm ready to try this again!

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Thank You very much!

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Great!! Sent to all my friends that are stressed out!

Rod Morrill
Rod Morrill7 years ago

From experience, the deep meditative states may open into visions of our Spiritual Path through life. These can be moments of true "Ah-ha" insights and inspiration.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on meditation. Wish that our so-called world leaders could participate in meditation.

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Gosh, this article makes me want to try...again! I haven't been very successful at sitting still for more than 5 minutes....

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Each person can determine their own effect from meditation, it is both awakening and relaxing. It puts the mind at ease, which both makes waking easier, as well as relaxing. Thank you for this article.