How to Minimize Dust in Your Home

You may know that dust contains dead skin cells, pet hair and dander, and dirt. But did you know it also includes fabric fibers, pollen, soot, food waste, insect remains, and even toxic chemicals like phthalates and flame retardants?

Dead skin cells and insect remains are one thing. But toxic chemicals are a whole other story. A recent study found that up to 10 harmful chemicals were found in dust in 90 percent of samples across many studies. With findings like this, you may need to up your dust-game, especially if you have small children crawling and exploring in your home.

How to Minimize Dust

What to Clean

Letís keep it basic. We all know that keeping your home clean keeps the dust away. But what specifically do you need to clean?

    1. Bedding + Pillows: Change and wash all bedding, including pillows, once a week. Itís easy to throw your sheets in the wash, but donít forget your pillows, too. This is where dust mites like to hang out. And over time, your pillows grow heavy with dust mite remains and salt from sweat.
    2. Curtains + Blinds: Just because your curtains hang verticle doesnít mean theyíre dust-free. Take a damp cloth or HEPA-filter (high-efficiency particulate air)†vacuum to your curtains and blinds to clean pollen and other particles from your window areas.
    3. Closets: Maintain a tidy closet and diminish excess garment fibers. Reduce†how many clothes or linens you have by donating or giving away what you donít need or use. These fibers can make for a dusty closet.
    4. Clutter: Clear piles of stuff around your house. Either put away the piles or be sure to organize and arrange appropriately after lifting and dusting underneath and around the pile. Dust likes to hide in corners and crevices of clutter piles.
    5. Carpet: Hard floors are best for keeping dust to a minimum. But if you have carpets, then diminish dust buildup by purchasing a high-quality HEPA-filter vacuum.
    6. Rugs: Go ahead and take your rug outside for a good beating. Broomstick and all, your rug and home will be cleaner with regular outdoor rug beatings.
    7. Ledges: Dust loves tops of bookshelves, free-hanging wall shelves, frames and ceiling fans. Although not often seen, these can be the top spots for dust collection.

Best Tools to Use

  1. Duster: Not every duster is made equal. The feather duster of yesteryear may look fancy but it does nothing more than push dust from one place to the next. Instead, use a moist or damp cloth or a microfiber cloth to easily remove dust.
  2. Air Purifiers: Just like your vacuum, youíll want to get a HEPA-filter air purifier. And avoid purifiers that use ozone to clean the air. Thereís no need to add chemicals when youíre busy getting rid of them.
  3. Air Filters: Make sure youíre changing your air filters regularly. Each filter will be different. So follow the recommendations on the filter packaging.
  4. Humidifiers: Dust and static electricity go way back. But if youíd rather they get a room somewhere else, use a humidifier regularly.

Other Cool Tricks

  1. Top Down: Clean the highest surfaces first and work your way down. Youíll knock the dust from higher to lower levels. So there’s no need to double dust.
  2. Cracks: Seal cracks in your house like the windows and fireplace. And while youíre at it, clean out your fireplace. You may be allowing ash to spread around your home with the air leak coming down the flue.
  3. Doormats: Even though itís an added fabric of sorts, mats work to trap dirt from entering your home. Use an exterior and interior mat to keep it at the doorway. And regularly clean these mats outside.
  4. Pets: Your dog might hate baths but your home will love you for it. Pet hair and dander can add up quickly around your house. Regular baths keep your home relatively dust-free and your dog cleaner.
  5. Windows: When the weather is nice itís awfully hard to resist opening the windows. But think twice next time because windows let pollen and dirt into your home.

So whatís the skinny? Dust, mop, sweep and vacuum frequently (about once a week). And use the appropriate air and vacuum†filters. And while dead skin cells might not be so scary, toxic chemicals certainly are. So eliminate your use of chemicals in the home and minimize dust for a healthier and cleaner home.

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