How to Prevent Freezer Burn


If you’ve ever eaten anything with a particularly bad case of freezer burn, you know that it is something best avoided. Strange textures and weird flavors are never delicious! Though, luckily,freezer burn doesn’t affect the safety of food, it’s still best to prevent it from developing in the first place. Here are some ways to do just that!

Keep the Door Closed. Opening your freezer door too frequently and for too long will contribute to freezer burn; you want the temperature to be as steady as possible.

Don’t Put Warm Foods Into the Freezer. Warm foods will also make the temperature fluctuate inside the freezer, and in your food. That’s not a good thing! Let your food cool before sticking it in the freezer to prevent the development of freezer burn.

Remember That Food Doesn’t Last Forever. Sure, freezing food will extend its shelf life, but that doesn’t mean it’ll last longer than you will! Try to use your frozen food within a reasonable time frame. You can find a helpful guide to the shelf life of frozen food here.

Mind Your Packaging. Though you should leave a little bit of room for the food to expand when it freezes, you want to have as little air as possible in your packaging. Air exposure = freezer burn!

Invest in a Vacuum Sealer. Though a pricier option, vacuum sealers work wonders to prevent freezer burn.

Keep Your Freezer Below Zero. When it’s that cold, freezer burn can’t develop.

Wrap Your Food Up Twice. Though certainly a more wasteful option, you can wrap it in aluminum foil, and then place it in a plastic bag, to combat freezer burn.

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Magdika Cecilia Perez

thank you

Magdika Cecilia Perez

thank you

Patricia H.
Patricia H.5 years ago

very informative

Nirvana Jaganath
Nirvana Jaganath5 years ago

Thanks! I tend to freeze a lot of food to stop it going bad

Joan S.
JC S5 years ago

I've always guessed that the air was the culprit.

Heidi R.
Past Member 5 years ago


Heidi Aubrey
Heidi Aubrey5 years ago

I know for fact. The absolutely most reliable method for keeping food close to indefinitely without freezer burn is the vacuum sealing option. They have much less expensive method now than an awkward machine. They have freezer bags with a spout and you use a hand held device that attaches to the spout and sucks out all the air. Both are far less expensive than the traditional Vacuum Sealer.

Beth Wilkerson
Beth Wilkerson5 years ago

What about reuseable plastic containers... they seem to work for me.

Sheila M.
Sheila M.5 years ago

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Kelly Rogers5 years ago