How to Spot Fraudulent Wellness Experts

Holistic healers, life coaches, reiki healers, health†coachesómost of the time these are truly skilled experts in the wellness sphere with a lot to offer. But once in a while you encounter a scammer: someone who is in the business†to make lots of money off of vulnerable people and offer very little in return.

Is the odd fraud†just an unavoidable part of the alternative wellness scene? Absolutely not. While many alternative wellness professions aren’t regulated, it just takes a little bit of savviness to avoid wasting your money. First things first…

Donít take any certification at face value.

For a lot of wellness careers, certifications are not required or regulated. So when someoneís bio claims they were certified through Such & Such Certification Program, donít just assume they are qualified. Go the extra mile and look into the certification. Does the website look legit, or even exist? Are there any reviews on the web about the program or alumni from that program? Itís usually pretty easy to tell which certifications are scams and which are not with a little Google mining.

Avoid the young masters.

If your wellness professional took a brief workshop or intensive†course and little more, thatís a red flag. In areas like reiki and shamanism, it can take many, many years of study before a†person is considered a master. Always be weary of those who give themselves that title without the years and†credentials to back it up. They’re frauds.

Be skeptical of online programs.

There are a lot of online certification programs for health and life coaching. But these (extremely valuable)†professions†lie in the lawless middleground between nutritionist and licensed therapist, so be weary. While there are plenty of amazing and talented coaches out there who can help you change your life, there are some who may be scamming you. For health coaches who graduated from online programs, make sure their program is approved by the International Consortium of Health and Wellness Coaching. Online programs arenít necessarily worse than other programs, but they tend to be less regulated.

Also, if a coach is offering their services exclusively via the web, be extra cautious. Thoroughly read any paperwork you are asked to sign.†If their pricing seems exorbitant, it probably is, so look into what these sorts of sessions generally cost. If you’ve met your coach in real life, great. But if your entire relationship is cyber, put in the extra legwork to get to know your coach before committing to any longterm business relationship.

Run away if they are putting on the financial pressure.

If a coach or healer is asking for a hefty deposit right here, right now, and not allowing†you the space to think about it, donít do it. Go home and find someone else to work with. When a professional is being pushy, especially with money, thatís a sure sign to get the heck out of there. Itís a scam. They are more interested in the payout than they are in helping you.

Let’s be clear, most†wellness experts are legitimate and incredibly talented. Nine times out of ten, they are trusted professionals who can and will help you improve your life.†But, by being a conscious consumer, you can avoid the unpleasant lessons†of working with an expensive fraud. Ain’t nobody got the wallet for that. Due your due diligence and make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

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Some of YOU folks sound like YOU"VE never heard of the alternative heath field, with it's different modalities . How many years does it take to become an M.D. with it's life long student loan debt? Of course there will be others who can do lots of very helpful things that do not take long to learn. Do you know the difference between aroma therapy and Flower Essences ? Reflexology and Rieki? Various types of massage from sports massage, to Esalon and lots of combinations in between. How about theraputic touch? Sacrial -crainial work ? In other words, everything YOU've never heard of, can't be valid ! I've dealt with this issue my entire 25+ years as a massage therapist and my initial training was only 5 weeks. But you learn new things as you go along and getting certified isn't always available or inexpensive. And the Medical field is also a PRACTICE. They do not stay stagnate or you's still be having leeched put on you.

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