How to Stay Looking Great at Any Age (3 videos)

Yes we can look great, whatever our age, and slow aging down a bit. These videos offer several tips for you to consider. The most provocative of them is face yoga, which is detailed on page 3.

3 Ways to Look Younger Naturally

Four actually. First, have a good workout three times a week; exercise infuses the skin with oxygen and nutrients needed for collagen production. Second, eat foods rich in Omega 3, we need it and our bodies don’t produce it. Third… but why am I telling you all this, that’s what this 90 second video is all about.

Next up on page 2 are 9 ways to keep looking great by protecting your skin.

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9 Ways to Keep Your Face Looking Great

Here’s another approach. It recognizes the importance of proper food but focuses on ways to clean and protect your skin.

Face yoga is explored in an entertaining way on page 3. The video is definitely worth checking out.

Face Yoga: Fountain of Youth?

Some yoga instructors claim that face yoga can take years off your face. They say that with a few minutes of facial yoga a day, in 6 months you’ll have tighter, more refined skin. And in a year, it’ll look like you’ve had a facelift without plastic surgery.

A face yoga workout includes eye popping, tongue wagging, and jaw dropping moves.

Maybe you’ve heard of this. Not everyone agrees as this video explains, though face yoga is getting increasingly popular.

This well-produced, informative video gives a good overview of face yoga. You’ll see people doing several poses, and you can judge for yourself if this is going to be your road to looking younger.

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