How To Tell If You’re A Good First Date

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Let’s analyze your most recent first dates. Go ahead, take a plunge into your calendar these past twelve months and make a list, rating each on a 1-5 scale, with one being milquetoast and five being magical. We’re doing some research here to determine the answer to the question: how good of a date are you?

Got your list? Great. Lots of 4′s and 5′s on that list? No? Uh oh. If this past year’s first dates have been mostly monstrous, then we have to ask a critical question: “Who’s the common denominator here?” Sadly, darlin’ … you were present at each and every one of them. If this past year’s dates have been mostly sucky, it’s gotta be you who’s doing the suckin’. Let’s change that.

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Remember, dating is full of mystery. You can never know for sure if your next first date will be an entree to the love of your life or if it will be simply an hour or two spent with a stranger who will remain just that. It’s your time — make it magical no matter what. Here are some examples of first dates that were memorable and anything but a waste of time.

Anna loves the outdoors, but works in a stuffy office Monday thru Friday, so she often schedules her first dates over her lunch hour, in the park by her office. She loves providing the environment — the blanket, picnic basket, scrumptious edibles, even a tiny little CD player piping out her favorite music. Each of her dates is magical for her, no matter who He turns out to be.

John’s putting two kids through college and wants to land himself in a loving relationship without breaking the bank in the process of finding her, so he does coffee dates, but he always graces the table with a gift — a sweet little flower vase with freshly clipped roses from his garden. He rarely doesn’t get a yes for a second date.

Bill learned from his first call with Kelly that she loved roller coasters, ferris wheels, and cotton candy, so guess where he took her for their first date? Santa Monica Pier. They fell in love over air hockey, burgers and popcorn. For their first anniversary, she gave him a pinball machine in honor of their first magical date.

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Sam suggested that he and Veronica have their first date at a dog park — He didn’t even have a dog, but he knew she did, and he thought that including the dog might make the date more fun. It did. Sarah and Billy’s first date? At a rock climbing gym. Susan and Dirk did a yoga class together, then tea and a stroll at sunset.

In studying her date’s online profile, Robin noticed that he has a passion for fly-fishing, so she stopped by a bait and tackle store to pick up one of those tiny colorful lures for him — As you might imagine, this made a great impression and he instantly lit up with stories from his fishing adventures. Want a passionate man? Tickle his passion and watch him light up.

The lesson? You be the one to make sure that each of your first dates is an experience for you and for the person who is fortunate enough to join you on the ride. This new meeting? It’s a gift, a present that you get to unwrap. Set the stage for the unwrapping using a little thought and creativity!

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All the best first date included nature and specifically doing an activity there. Whenever that has been the case there's always been a 2nd date from me. If someone wanted to take me to a movie for a 1st date, this person would not get a date. Reason: there would be no talking and I can go to a movie by myself. If someone took me to an amusement park or state/county faire, there definitely would be no 2nd date. Bottom line, good to date someone you share common values with. Screen the others out. Good to talk to them first by phone or email and make sure you have important things in common. If not, could be a lot of pregnant pauses in the conversations.

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