How to Turn a Roadblock Into a Heroic Moment

None of us can resist an epic life story of a hero or heroine who overcomes life’s setbacks to reach a hard-won goal. Why? Because we all admire steadfast courage and an unfaltering spirit. Conversely, we’d probably walk out of a movie if the main character only surrendered to life’s ordeals, choosing to play the victim when circumstances became tough.

The same can be said of yourself. Imagine you are the star character of your own epic story. How do you want it to play out? When faced with challenges, you can take on the point of view of the character your life film embodies—either a victim who is beaten down by misfortune, or a hero who won’t be defeated.

When you think of yourself as the star of your life movie, you’re more likely to put yourself in the role of the hero or heroine than the victim. You may not be able to physically leap over tall buildings like Superman, or speed across great distances like Wonder Woman, but if you cast yourself as an optimistic, undaunted and admirable character, you will overcome your obstacles and realize your dreams.

Explore your role as a hero using these seven tips:

1. Revise any self-defeating mind chatter. Instead of telling yourself, “This is never going to get better,” or “My life is over,” replace your victim’s thoughts with hero’s talk: “I’m going to get what I want,” or “Try and stop me!” If you’re feeling despair, speak to yourself as a true hero would, saying, “I will get through this.”

2. View any setback as a transition. In those moments when life hits a dead end, stop and ask yourself how this could turn out to be an opportunity instead of a blockade. See yourself as strong and resilient.

3. Understand that your situation is temporary. If you’re broadsided by a loss or injury, take time to mourn and heal, while always understanding that you’ll find a way to get yourself back on track. Do something each day that supports the hero.

4. Act proactively. You are the one who can make your dreams happen. It’s up to you to create the life you want and to believe it’s possible. Think of what you can do to change or improve your situation and act on it.

5. Commit to your hero role. By declaring yourself as a hero instead of victim, you can keep yourself on the “star of your epic story” track. By shifting your thinking to a positive, courageous mindset, you’re less likely to fall into the victim trap.

6. Live your life more fearlessly. Even heroes experience fear, but they encourage themselves to rise above it, and not let nervousness or trepidation become obstacles for reaching a goal. Think heroically, and you will be more daring in your decisions to create the life you truly want and deserve.

7. Be epic. Own your life movie and be it’s main star. There’s nobody more suited for it than you!


Ora Nadrich is a certified Life Coach, certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher, and author of Says Who? How One Simple Question Can Change The Way You Think Forever. Her unique, practical method helps her clients attain happiness and fulfillment by teaching them to look inward and connect to their authentic selves in order to reach their goals. Visit


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Nothing wrong in approaching life with a hopeful attitude, as long as it's rooted in facts at hand and not based on magical thinking. Thanks.

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