How to Upcycle Socks Into a Holiday Wreath

Christmas socks (like their brethren, the Christmas sweater) have been the butt of many jokes over the years. This type of wearable festive frippery has such a limited shelf life, but makes for such great blackmail holiday pictures, that itís a tradition that just wonít go away.

However, there is a way you can extend the usefulness of your great-auntís favorite gift. No, donít re-gift (thatís just cruel); instead, upcycle them into a holiday wreath!

Hereís a step-by-step guide for transforming a box of Christmas socks into a jolly Christmas wreath. And once youíve got this simple, inexpensive craft down, you can do it with any socks to fit into any decorating theme.


To make a sock wreath, all you need is a polystyrene hoop or similar crafting supply (just make sure you can cut it), some socks and a festive ribbon. Youíll also need scissors, a knife and some tape.


First, cut the wreath in one spot with the knife (be very careful!). This is so you can slip the socks onto the hoop.


Next, cut the heels and toes off the socks, so you end up with just the cylindrical part of the sock.



Attach the socks to the hoop by sliding them along the hoop, through the cut you made.



Once you have all the socks in place, tape the cut closed so the socks wonít slide off.



Then, spend some time arranging the socks into a pattern you like; you can bunch them up for a shabbier chic look, or straighten them out to show off the festive pattern.



Finally, attach a large ribbon to bring the whole thing together.

Hereís my finished wreath on my front door, just in time for the holidays. As an added bonus, maybe Aunt Mildred will spot those Christmas socks on my wreath (not on my feet) and finally get the hint!


Jennifer Tuohy†lives in Charleston, South Carolina, and is a seasoned DIY expert with a love of upcycling.†Jennifer writes†about†her DIY projects for The Home Depot. To see more†holiday decor to go with your own handmade creations, you can visit†Home Depot’s holiday pages†online.


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