How to Use a Classic Outdoor Table Inside the Home

The German biergarten table is more versatile than you think: it functions as a desk, a craft table, and as a dining table for narrow apartment spaces. Here are four smart ways to use an outdoor table indoors (plus sourcing ideas).

Above: An antique biergarten table in the Brooklyn apartment of director/photography Poppy de Villeneuve. Photograph by Sam Horine for Refinery29. For a different look, consider painting the table, as seen here.

Above: A German beer table is used in an indoor/outdoor living space from Shareen Joel Design. For more ideas on using one (or several) for a dinner party, visit Outdoors: German Beer Garden Table.

Above: London shop owner Amanda Cox uses a painted beer garden table as a desk; to see more of Amanda’s home, visit Secrets of an Urban Sleuth, London Edition.

Where can you buy a biergarten table? One option is the authentic Biergarten Folding Wood Table and Bench Set from Oktobefest Haus; $549. Ebay is also an excellent source.

For more ideas on decorating small spaces, visit Remodelista‘s Room Gallery.


Magdalen B.
Magdalen B5 years ago

Does anyone not know how to use a table?

Spirit Spider
Spirit S5 years ago

I love these tables :-)

Joan O.
Joan O.5 years ago

Have you heard of easyChanger - new easy to use spindle?

A N M.
anne M5 years ago

Too funny. I used to have a redwood table and benches like that. Not authentic Bavarian, of course, but the set only cost $35. Then, of course, they're really easy to make and in that case you can really challenge everybody to prove they're not authentic.

John B.
John B5 years ago

Thanks for the unique Idea.

Bruce K.
Bruce K5 years ago

The new ones look just like the folding table you can buy at kmart/wallmart for $49
The Antique one looks nice.
The first big one makes the room look like a cafeteria or prison.

Nicole Weber
Nicole W5 years ago

nice, thank you

Kath P.
Kath P5 years ago

The antique table is absolutely beautiful