How to Use the Power of Color

By Erica Sofrina, Founder - West Coast Academy of Feng Shui and author of the book Small Changes, Dynamic Results! Feng Shui for the Western World

What is it about color that is so powerful? Most of us feel passionately about some and are repelled by others. Maybe you adored royal blue at one time but now feel a deep need to surround yourself with earth tones? Do you wonder if this yearning comes from a deeper place and why it changes over time?

The ancient art of Feng Shui acknowledges the profound affect of color on our physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Colors are connected to the five elements from the natural world; fire, earth, metal, water and wood. They play a significant role in balancing and healing every aspect of our lives. In paying attention to the colors we are attracted to, we are tuning into our body’s natural instincts to balance something that is out of balance in our energy field. Once this is brought back into balance, healing can take place.

This is called the Five Elements theory and it is at the foundation of Feng Shui and Chinese medicine. These elements have objects, shapes, seasons, body organs and colors connected to them, but today we will concentrate on color. We will look at why you are drawn to certain ones and how working with them can assist you in balancing and healing many aspects of your life.

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I had a powerful experience of shifting a chronic health issue by balancing the five elements in my home.

Many years ago I moved to the charming coastal town of Half Moon Bay in N. California. It had been a dream of mine to live on the coast, but shortly after moving there, I found myself sick all the time. The climate was foggy and damp and a water pump churned out water continuously under my house. After several bouts of bronchitis culminating in walking pneumonia, I was worried my lungs were becoming impaired.

I had this strong yearning to paint the walls of my home yellow, which was strange because I never particularly liked this color. The yearning for yellow was so strong that I finally succumbed. Almost immediately my previously robust health returned again. I remember thinking it must have just been a streak of bad luck. Years later in learning about Feng Shui and the five elements theory was I able to connect the dots.

In the five elements controlling cycle, when you have an over abundance of the water element, you douse it by adding the earth element, represented by yellows, golds and earth tones. In painting my walls yellow, I brought in a large dose of earth, which took care of the water imbalance. My yearning for yellow was my body telling me I needed this element. In doing so my environment was brought into balance and my body followed suit.

It is important to pay attention to and surround yourselves with the colors you are attracted to. As your color taste changes, change your surroundings to reflect the colors you love now. It is more important than you might think. You actually need these colors to support balance in your life.

Wear clothing in the colors of the five elements is a wonderful way to assist in strengthening and/or balancing things that are happening in your life.

You might be lacking backbone in standing up to a superior, co-worker, or significant other. By wearing whites, pastels and metal colors, you are enhancing the energetic field of metal around you.

5 elements and the colors associated with them:

( Click Here for Your Free Color Five Elements Map)

Fire= The entire red spectrum: pink, red, orange, coral, purple

Earth= Taupe, gold, yellows, medium brown, terracotta and earth tones

Metal= Whites and pastels and metallic colors

Water= Black, dark gray, dark blue, dark green, deep purples and lapis blue colors

Wood= Medium green and medium blue, turquoise

How to work with the five elements:

Use the colors from the fire element when you are working with issues around decisiveness, assertiveness, motivation and passion, or lack there of.

Use earth tones when you are working with fertility issues, being and feeling more grounded in your life and getting organized.

Use metal colors when you are working with mental clarity such as focusing on a new project at work, studying a new subject or when you need some back- bone. Metal colors are important when you feel the need to lighten up and develop your child-like qualities and in when working with children.

Use colors from the water element when you are working on developing your spirituality, practicing mindfulness, connecting to intuition and learning how to tune into the synchronicity of the universe.

Use colors from the wood element when you are working on personal growth, growing or expanding your business, planting the seeds for a new project or working with health and/or family issues.

If you would like more information on how to work with these powerful five elements, I am offering my readers a free copy of my Five Elements map along with information about how to work with them in your home and workplace. Click here for your free copy.

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