How to View a Challenge as Exciting Rather Than Scary

Life is absolutely full of challenges. We come into this world knowing nothing, and then spend the rest of our lives learning about the world around us and how we can fit in.

From school grades and career advancement, to marriage and kids, we’re all just trying to figure out how to do our best. But when certain challenges and obstacles threaten our ability to do that, we tend to say “nope” and do everything we can to protect ourselves and keep ourselves comfortable.

When it comes to stepping outside your comfort zone and embracing challenge, switching your fixed mindset around to a growth mindset is essential. Here are some helpful tips to make that mindset shift.

Think of mistakes and failures as stepping stones toward a better version of yourself.

Most people view mistakes and failures as proof of their shortcomings, and perfectionists in particular really struggle with this. People with growth mindsets, on the other hand, view them as necessary parts of the journey that teach them how to become better as they keep going.

Consider the value of being challenged.

People with fixed mindsets forget that with every challenge comes at least one big lesson—even if you fail tremendously. How might that lesson be of value to you as you move forward? Even through all the pain and discomfort, you always end up learning something valuable.

Recognize the importance of putting effort into accomplishing something.

Despite what your fixed mindset might be telling you, everyone knows on some level, putting effort into trying to accomplish something difficult feels good and is always rewarding when you make good progress or succeed. Of course, you may also feel good by sitting around and avoiding challenging situations, but it will never compare to that feeling of satisfaction you get from knowing you worked hard for something.

Focus on development rather than setbacks.

Even when you are making progress in something challenging, it’s all too easy to dwell on the mistakes you’ve made along the way and the desire to go back in time and fix them. Fill your mind with thoughts about how far you’ve come, and think about what you now know you’ll be able to accomplish having made those mistakes (and learned those lessons) already.

Seek out friends and family members who encourage you to grow.

Last but not least, one of the most important things you can do to maintain your flow and avoid falling back into a fixed mindset, is surround yourself with people who support what you’re doing. Limit your time and energy spent around people who bring you down, and turn toward people who are willing to help you out and encourage you to keep going—no matter what it takes!

This may all sound very inspiring, but even if you work really hard on practicing all of the above tips, you’re not going to transform your mindset overnight. Remember that your brain is designed to resist pain and discomfort—both mentally and physically.

With enough practice, persistence and determination though, you can significantly expand your comfort zone and win the war against your subconscious desires to avoid anything and everything that might cause you any emotional pain or suffering.

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Photo Credit: Thomas Shahan


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