How to Work Out with Your Dog this Fall

When I was in my young twenties I got it into my head to get a Border Collie pup. Twice-daily walks quickly became the norm. Rain or shine, we’d head to the beach, so Billy could stretch his legs.

Having a dog is definitely a motivator for living a healthier lifestyle. My new best friend helped me become leaner and less sedentary. For Eric, the stakes were a lot higher. Adopting a rescue dog literally saved his life.

How to Work Out with Your Dog

It’s easy to get excited about going outside in summer, but when fall arrives the couch suddenly looks so much more inviting. Unlike us humans, dogs love the outdoors regardless of the weather.

Working out with your dog should be a mutually beneficial activity, one that you both enjoy. Don’t assume your dog is all in just because you are. They have likes and dislikes just like we do, so take that into account when embarking on some new activity.

Dogs are actually pretty expressive, so if you pay attention you’ll soon be able to tell if they’re enjoying something or not. If Fido looks like he’s not having fun, then stop whatever you’re doing and try something else.

1. Run Sprint Intervals

how to work out with your dog

According to Men’s Journal, “the single best workout you can do with your dog” is to run sprint intervals with them. Interval training improves your heart health, builds endurance and speeds up your metabolism.

2. Go for a Hike

How to Work Out with Your Dog this Fall

We often use the colder weather as an excuse to stay indoors and hibernate, but fall is actually a great time of year to get in shape with your dog. It’s not super cold yet, and besides, who doesn’t love leaf peeping season?

3. Go Skijoring

Until I started researching fun ways to exercise your dog, I’d literally never heard of skijoring. claims it’s “the best dog sport you’ve never heard of.” I’m not wild about sports involving animals, but I have to admit, these dogs really look like they’re having a good time.

The great thing about skijoring is that you don’t have to live in snowy surrounds to have a go at it. If you have biggish dog (e.g. Husky, Lab, etc.) and they’re keen, give it a try on your skateboard or rollerblades.

Getting active with your dog is about strengthening the bond between the two of you, while at the same time staying fit and active during a time of year where most of us tend to get a little poofier around the midsection.

As competitive skijor racer Dallas Johnson points out, “The racing is secondary, the being out there and doing it is the important thing.”

Exercising with your dog can be a lot of fun, but remember to take it slowly and build up to longer workouts. If either of you has any health concerns, a visit to the doctor or vet won’t go amiss. Better safe than sorry, right?

Some Final Doggie Workout Inspiration

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