Your Dog Can Help You Sleep Better if You Follow These Simple Tips

We all know that dogs are the best of friends. Theyíre more than happy to greet you with excitement when you get home from work, and theyíre thrilled to go on adventures with you, too. But dogs are more than just friends. Theyíre good for your healthóin more ways than one.

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First, good dog owners know that exercise is the name of the game. If you live on a small property or in an apartment, then itís necessary to walk your dog regularly. And at the bare minimum, you most likely play tug-o-war inside or wrestle on the floor together. Your dog needs the exercise to stay happy and healthyóand so do you.

Second, your pup doesnít just keep you active but she lowers your blood pressure. Itís hard to measure if youíve never been one with blood pressure issues. But if youíre hypertensive, then maybe getting a dog isnít such a bad idea.

Beyond keeping you active and your heart healthy, science shows that dogs help you sleep better. And sleep, as we know, is a huge part of being healthy. In a recent study of 40 healthy adults without sleeping disorders, scientists discovered that dogs aided in better sleep efficiency. That means you get more out of your sleep time with a fun-loving pet at your side.

And letís not get this confused with sleeping with your dog in your bed. The same study indicated that people who let their pets sleep on the bed actually had worse sleep, not better. Which makes sense, right? If your pup continually crowds you out of the little space you have, youíre bound to be tirelessly stopping yourself from falling off the bed all night long. Not to mention if the dog needs to be let down for water or to use the bathroom. Your best bet for better sleep is to leave your pooch on the floor.

How to have the best night of sleep ever with your dog

As any dog owner knows, itís not fun getting up the middle of the night to open doors, fill water bowls or take the dog out to pee. If you want to ensure that youíll reap all the benefits of better sleep, then try these tips right before bed.

  1. Prepare your dog for bed: Welcome the dog into the room, snuggle for a bit on the bed or floor, and then place your pup on the floor in his bed.
  2. Open a door: Your pup might get restless at night, or scared. Leave a door open for the pup to roam or hide. Unless, of course, your pup canít handle the freedom of nighttime roaming.
  3. Fill the water bowl: Be sure to always have fresh water nearby. Itís an easy and simple fix when you know your pup likes to get up for a midnight drink.
  4. Create space to borrow: Some dogs like to hide under the bed, in the closet beneath clothes or in the bathroom. The dog might be scared of thunder or lightning or simply find it cozier than out in the open. Ensure your dogís comfort by keeping these options open.
  5. Donít forget the dog: Bedtime is often a haze. Youíre tired and just want to sleep. Before rushing off to sleep, make sure your dog hasnít been left outside on the patio or in the backyard.
  6. Does Rocko eat dinner?: Make sure your dog eats a regularly scheduled meal in the evening.
  7. Unexpected events: There are some things you just canít plan for, like vomiting or diarrhea. Dogs eat strange things when youíre not looking. Respond as compassionately as possible.

Dogs can help you sleep better by making you feel more safe and secure. But if you donít prepare you and your loyal friend for a good night sleep, then youíll find yourself waking up in the middle of the nightómore than once. Get the most out of your sleep by being prepared, and remember to put your dog on the ground not on the bed for the best nightís sleep possible.

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My mother takes all three smaller/medium dogs to bed w her. One dog takes the other dogs outside when she tells them as their last potty break. Yes, true

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2 of my favorite rescues have passed in the last year. Holly the pit bull slept under the covers and always cuddled up to me. Buddy was a huge coonhound/shepherd mix who was found starved almost to death in a rock quarry. He gained weight and became beautiful and always slept on my feet. I suppose my legs sleep better, but I will always miss both of them and they helped me to sleep better by their presence. The dog in my picture, Brandy, is quietly snoring by me now and I am so grateful.