I Switched to a Standing Desk. Here’s What Happened.

A couple of months ago, I finally took the plunge and ordered myself an adjustable standing desk. Here’s how it has changed my workday.

I’ve been reading about the benefits of standing desks for years. It’s pretty common knowledge that sitting all day isn’t great for your health, and after decades at desk jobs, it felt like it was time to do something about it.

Prolonged sitting isn’t great for your body, but neither is standing all day. That’s why I opted for an adjustable stand, rather than fully swapping my existing desk for a taller one. The stand I ordered is kind of a pain to adjust, though, so I’ve been leaving it in the standing position and just removing it from the desktop when I’m ready to sit.

The tabletop stand cost me around $40, which was a lot less than a full, convertible desk. And y’all, my only regret is not making this change sooner. Here’s what I’ve noticed about my days since making the leap.

my laptop on my standing desk in front of a window

Squeezing in Exercise

It’s easy to get caught up in the inertia of sitting, and actually using the standing desk felt very unnatural at first. Once I started getting into the habit of getting up, though, I found myself wanting to move my body more throughout the workday.

Rather than just standing at this desk, I’ve started sneaking in some simple exercises. While I was editing one of Brian’s articles about home workouts, I realized that some of the moves, like squats and lunges, that he recommends would be easy to do while working.

Now, I incorporate movement into my workday any time I can, and it feels good!

A Change in Perspective

If you’ve ever had a creative block, you probably know that a change of scenery can help. When I get stuck sometimes, I like to pack up my laptop and head to my favorite coffee shop. With my desk stand, I can sometimes overcome that feeling just by switching from sitting to standing.

You don’t have to take my word for it, though. A 2014 study found that standing desks boost creativity and even make you more receptive to collaboration. It’s amazing what even a little change in perspective can do!

Fewer Carpal Tunnel Flare-Ups

Well, now it’s confession time. Before switching to this standing desk situation, I wasn’t doing most of my work at a desk at all. Instead, I favored sitting on the couch with my laptop in my lap.

I know.

Maybe that’s why my carpal tunnel has improved since switching to a standing desk.

There’s also some research to suggest that changing position throughout the day can help alleviate carpal tunnel pain, though. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Carpal tunnel results from repetitive actions. When you change positions throughout the day, you’re naturally giving your body a needed break.

Really, the only drawback to switching to this standing desk situation is that my dogs truly hate when I am standing with my back to them. But they’d really prefer that I sit on the couch all day and never stop petting them, so I think I have to do what’s best for me in this situation.

Have you made the jump to a standing desk? What changes have you noticed to your body and your routine since you started using it?

photos by Becky Striepe


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