Improve Elderly Care

In Denver Colorado there is something happening that could change the way elders are cared for in the United States.

The Colorado non-profit Holistic Community Living exists to operate and teach others to operate neighborhood-based assisted living homes. Founder David Lazaroff says, “we are creating the opportunity for people to complete their lives in a way that is consistent with how they live their most productive years. We are demonstrating how elders can continue to be a vibrant part of their community, connected to their friends, relatives, and social organizations, even when they outlive the strength of their mind or body.”

Holistic Community Living will operate non-profit homes and teach others to operate for-profit homes. Things you won’t find everywhere else are a high level of integration with the neighborhood, a staff that is paid higher and works fewer hours than in most assisted living facilities, a 12 resident population, wholesome foods, and a truly holistic approach to care. Lazaroff explains, “what makes the real difference is having a staff that knows their most important job is to be present with whatever is most important to each resident. That means being responsive and entering the residents’ world and helping them move through the whatever life is presenting, whether that is physical comfort, emotional memories, or imaginations. Empathy, compassion, and the recognition of the human beauty and dignity of every person is the cornerstone of care. Life is about what is available to participate in and enjoy.” Lazaroff has a commitment that each resident can complete their life in the home, even when they outlive their financial resources.

Lazaroff believes every neighborhood should have a Holistic Community Living home. The first Holistic Community Living home is now prepared for final construction pending fund raising. You can help Holistic Community Living complete the first home by voting for them in Pepsi Refresh grant every day in September. You can register for their daily voting reminders at

To meet other Care2 members who care about this cause, join the group Holistic Community Living.

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Bella Cruse
Bella Cruse5 years ago

It is seriously a critical condition of our society that most of the elderly are victims of abuse. Today's youth doesn't want to live with them, it is a big shame on our society. Because of these critical conditions many old citizens have to shift in orphanage. That is why Elderly care is necessary to assist them for daily living activities such as bathing, dressing and preparing food because they are the basic requirements which are needed up to the end of their life. That is why there should be nursing facilities to can take care of them and to give support in their daily routine work.
Most of the people think that hiring a care taker for their old parents in not good because they think that those care takers are not able to provide sufficient care and love but it is not true at all as those are are specialists who provide extra affection and care.

Dianne Robertson
Dianne Robertson6 years ago

Love the IDEA. I"LL watch to see it become REALITY.

Tianna Fraser
Tianna Fraser7 years ago

Love your video. Great and brilliant idea. We should respect and treat them right because someday we will be like them. :)

Holly H.
Holly H.7 years ago

This is a great idea. Innovation is the key to our future success. And helping create a better quality of life for the elderly is so uplifting. I know of some elderly care facilities such as that are doing a wonderful job keeping seniors safe and happy. It's wonderful.

Trish K.
Trish K7 years ago

This covers mind body and spirit and is someplace I would love to live and bring my friends with me.
Bless this project and please bring one to New England

Tori W.
Past Member 7 years ago

Great idea!

Grace A.
Grace Adams7 years ago

A group home for 12 frail elders sounds much better than a nursing home. May at least some of the work is low-skill enough, that they could manage a trade-off between money and a commitment to do volunteer work on a schedule. The commitment would have to be pretty near a much as to a minimum wage job. The director of each group home would need to arrange on-the-job training for most of the relatives of residents arranging to trade labor for money they would otherwise have to pay for their relative's room and board.

Kaitlin F.
Kaitlin Fisher7 years ago

This! Finally someone is doing the right thing when it comes to caring for the people who made it possible for us to be who we are and deserve to be respected and cared for lovingly.

Anja N.
Justin R7 years ago

It is time that we take better care of the people who raised us, and set the foundation of our society. Compare to youth of today, at their age many had to abandon school or trades and work in low-wage jobs which brought immediate money to support their families.

Our elders do deserve respect and compassion.

Mike Masley
Michael Masley7 years ago

David, this sounds like a great idea.