Improve Your Digestion To Lose Weight

Do you feel bloated or tired at the end of a meal?

This may be the result of a conflict in your digestive system. Our foods should agree with each other, rather than be in conflict.

You may find food combining very helpful for your health and weight management. It was for me. Food combining, along with Acid/Alkaline balance, saved my life when my health was on a downward spiral in 1996.

What Correct Food Combining Will Do For You:

  • Get optimum nutrients from your food. By combining foods correctly, we enable our digestive system to absorb all the nutrition from our food.
  • Create less stress on your digestive system, leaving you feeling more relaxed.
  • Save valuable energy for your body to use; you will have more available energy to live and heal.  Your digestive system won’t be working overtime trying to digest the combo of foods you put into your stomach.
  • Weight loss often happens after just a few days of following food combining principles.
  • You will no longer be bloated as your body cleanses the toxins.
  • Degenerative health conditions like indigestion, constipation, asthma, arthritis, and allergies can be resolved.

The Original Food Combining Testimony

In 1906, at the age of 40, Dr. William Hay learned that his own health was failing with Bright’s Disease (a kidney condition), an enlarged heart, and high blood pressure; he was also seriously overweight. The medical profession had nothing to offer; he was told he had little chance of recovery and was advised to put his affairs in order.

In an attempt to save his life, Dr. Hay adopted an uncomplicated diet following simple food combining and pH balance rules. After three months, he felt better then he had for years, and by 1908 he was totally recovered. He no longer had kidney and heart problems, his blood pressure was normal, and as a bonus, he had lost 50 pounds. This was the beginning of the theory of food combining.


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Why food combining helps weight loss

  • When you get optimum nutrients from your food, you are fulfilled and not feeling hungry. Thus, you will not be constantly be reaching for more to eat.
  • When you have more energy for your body to use (rather than using it on your digestive system working overtime), you will have the energy to exercise—and that means burning calories!
  • Food combining mimics how primitive people and animals ate - one food at a time. This is a natural way of eating and contains some of the elements of the now popular Paleo diet. Animals and primitive-lifestyle people, even if they have surplus food available, do not get overweight.
  • Food combining eliminates toxic buildup. When foods are not digested completely, the result is a build-up of toxins and undigested proteins in the intestine. The toxins can actively cause build-up of fat cells, or, through leaky gut syndrome, can create immune and inflammatory responses (also linked to weight gain).

How does your digestive system work?

Your digestive system uses different amounts of hydrochloric acid and different enzymes to digest different foods.

If you were just eating one food at a time, there would be no problem: the body would know exactly what to do and we would not have to think about it.

Because we want to eat more than just one food at a time, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of how digestion works and what foods to combine. (The five basic rules are listed on the next page.)

This can seem complicated and difficult when you first look at it, but I have found ways to teach this in very simple ways that anyone can follow.

If you feel hungrier; eat more frequently. Eat properly combined foods consistently, and you will not gain weight.


Next page: The 5 Principles of Food Combining

5 Principles of Food Combining:

These are based on how your digestive system works.

1.  Protein foods require a highly acidic environment for digestion, which begins in the stomach with hydrochloric acid.
2.  Carbohydrates (starches, fruit and sugars) and fats require an alkaline environment for digestion, which begins in the mouth with the enzyme ptyalin.
3.  When starches and proteins are combined, digestion is compromised for both foods. This leads to indigestion, gas, bloating and poor assimilation of nutrients.
4.  Eat fruits alone; do not combine with starches or proteins, which take 3 to 6 hours to digest. Fruits take 1 1/2–2 hours to be digested. While fruit is waiting for the other food to digest, it expands like yeast, resulting in a gassy, acidic stomach. Only combine fruits with other fruits. 
5.  Fats tend to mix poorly with fruits and proteins, fairly well with complex starches, and well with non-starchy vegetables. Examples: fruit and cream = poor, olive oil and potatoes = fair, avocado and lettuce = good.

potatoes and vegetables

Starches combine well with vegetables

eggs and vegetables

Protein (eggs) combine well with lots of vegetables

It was my poor food habits, along with incorrect food combining and improper pH balance, that contributed to the development of the Fibromyalgia which debilitated me for 17 years.

I learned this principle and integrated the guidelines into my way of eating in a relaxed manner, and to this day I follow it naturally, as I see it does make a difference.

I now teach these principles to others around the world. The easiest way to learn them is at one of my weekend web bootcamps. The next bootcamp will include working with Food Combining along with Acid/Alkaline balancing: Acid Alkaline Diet BootCamp for Weight Loss & Balance.


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