Indoor Allergins: Dust Mites

There are countless potential allergens in your home, and studies have shown that indoor air quality can be significantly worse than the great outdoors, depending on the area you live in and the condition of your home or office. One of the top offenders is dust mites.

These “adorable” cousins of the spider are most often found in the bedroom, and thrive on dead skin cells. It is the mites waste that is the main culprit, and a single dust mite may produce as much as 200 times its body weight in waste. Most important to remember is that the dust mite is made of 80 percent water. Without moisture, the mite cannot survive. Control the moisture, and you can control the mite and at least some of your allergy issues.

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How to reduce dust mites:

• Reduce the humidity in your home below 64 percent relative humidity.
• Don’t make your bed in the morning, instead expose all blankets and sheets to allow for your bodies moisture to evaporate and thus prevent the dark, wet environment that mites love.
• At least once weekly, wash all bedding on a hot wash.
• Remove excessive pillows and stuffed animals from your bed.
• Place an additional pillowcase over your pillow and remove one mid week.
• Cover mattresses and pillows with micro-porous material to prevent infestation.
• Open a window after a shower or bath or while cooking (if possible) to let steam out.
• Use a vacuum cleaner with high filtration features and vacuum your mattress weekly for twenty minutes at a time.
• Use only natural cleaning products; they disclose all ingredients.
• Hang rugs or blankets outside as much as possible.
• Reduce clutter.

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